Jabra 8040 problems with updating

Samsung uses a proprietary headphone jack, so if you want to use a third-party headset youll have to get an adapter.Windows Mobile is not my favorite mobile platform, but Black Jack II ran it pretty well all the same.Theres no touchscreen to be found here, and though I wouldnt mind a slightly larger display and QWERTY layout, Black Jack users ready for an upgrade will generally find a lot to like in this sequel.Design / Features Black Jack II is sleek in a business-class sort of way.On Windows 8.1 I plug it in to my laptop using the 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable and then, when I watch a movie, it correctly outputs to the speaker and does not use my laptop speakers....My ASUS M4N68T-M V2 has a VIA VT1708S onboard audio.The wheels similar to those found on i Pods, if not quite as smooth and responsive - you can use it to scroll through selections or as a four-way directional pad with a center select key.A standard layout of softkeys flank the wheel on either side, and I found these plenty spacious - though some might scoff at the slick plastic finish that adorns the buttons.

Speaking of the back panel, here youll find the sensor for BJ2s two megapixel camera which can also capture video.

A Windows Mobile device, Black Jack 2 can handle your contacts and email and messaging needs, including support for Exchange Server and POP3 and IMAP email accounts.

Windows Mobile 6 supports full HTML email, and the device ships with support for AIM, Yahoo, and Windows Live instant messaging.

The QWERTY keys on the lower half of the phones front panel are on the smaller side, but the oval shaped keys are set on a slight diagonal and well spaced, which makes them pretty easy to use, even with my big thumbs.

Samsung also grouped the dialing buttons together (they were oddly spread out on the original) and added some shortcut keys to the bottom row of the keypad, which are handy.

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