Is maxwell the singer dating anyone

Months later Beyoncé asked an acquaintance if she knew anyone who could sing for the possible spot with the group and was referred to Michelle.

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Tenitra Michelle Williams (born July 23, 1980) is an American recording artist and actress.

However, after two years of college, she left to pursue a music career, as a backing vocalist for other artists such as Monica.

In late 1999, 19-year-old Williams met Destiny's Child band members Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland in the lobby of an Atlanta hotel.

The singer and Wendy first chatted about him cutting off his signature afro. Maxwell stated, "I’m just not into it, I see the pitfalls of all those sort of worlds, I don’t disrespect anyone’s hustle, you get there how you get there.

The music, for me, is more important." Wendy then asks what he actually did, with the singer revealing, "we were touring, we’re doing the Essence festival…but we did it a year ago.

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