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In 2002, Larissa filed for divorce, which would prove to be acrimonious.Larissa and Tim fought over custody of their son Tyler and the splitting of their joint assets.His defense was that Larissa Schuster was the mastermind of Timothy Schuster's murder, and that he only acted as an accessory to murder after the fact under duress, maintaining that Larissa had threatened his life.Defense testimony came from James' friends, co-workers, and Larissa's friend Terri Lopez, all of whom stated that Larissa was a very controlling and forceful person.

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Tim moved out into a condominium, but in August 2002, Larissa and her lab assistant James Fagone broke into Tim's home to retrieve some of her belongings. Disappearance On the morning of July 10, 2003, Tim Schuster was supposed to meet with a co-worker for breakfast, but had apparently missed the appointment.In 1982, Larissa and Tim married, and they had a daughter Kristin in 1985, followed by a son Tyler in 1990.In 1989, the family moved west to Fresno, California, where Larissa took a job at an agricultural research lab.She has been dubbed as "the Acid Lady" by various media outlets.Early life Larissa Schuster (nee Foreman) was born in 1960 and grew up on a farm in Clarence, Missouri.

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