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Where scammers live The fantastic world of fake and inconceivable addresses used by scammers on emails and fake CVs Ridiculously trying to look legitimate, scammers frequently include a street address on their fake CVs, even in this era of technology.

In some cases, they do not even bother to change the name or the street address of their victims, the legitimate translators from whom they stole the CVs.

There are 16 faculties providing degree level education in an active manner within Marmara University.

Online ve Telefon ile rüya tabir hizmetleri de başlamıştır.) and ghost Alina Ilinska "lives" at Bolshoy Deviatinsky Pereulok No. NAME USED BY SCAMMER MAY BE THE REAL NAME OF A GENUINE TRANSLATOR Jay Kwak Ian Wang AATI / Lixin Cheng Hyung Chan Ko Naira Babayan Aki Nakamitsu Tao Wei‐Shan Valery Novoselov Roberto Powers Niina Lindblom Adam Rofeld Aletta Morris (Gotranslang) Victoria Anton Ana Ribeiro David Brown Updated: 10/30/2017 PM UTC ADDRESS USED (COPIED VERBATIM FROM THE SCAMMERS’ CVS) BOLD = ADDRESS (SOMETIMES MODIFIED) USED IN MORE THAN ONE FAKE CV #1405, Metrokhan, 1115, Bisan‐dong, Dongan‐gu, Anyangshi, Korea #1408, Bld. Maharashtra address on Translators Café 9252525372 (California? 99364787 Also used by Franck Gilles & Hannah Francis Pest control company Rue de la Libert? 6 Moscow 121099, i.e., a non‐existing address, but close, by two door numbers, to the US Embassy. B, Jinshaju Apartment Xiasha, Hangzhou China, 310018 #300‐5900 No. ) Scammer’s phone: 918452840052 Used by Franck Gilles, Hannah Francis & Marie Roy Victim ? The Atatürk Education Faculty is the faculty with the most educational programmes in the university with 30 daytime and 30 evening programmes. Ramazan Özey Web Page : One of the oldest schools in Turkey the roots of the Atatürk Education Faculty date back to 1848 to the . Ahmet Korhan Binark Web Page : The principle aim of the Technology Faculty, which was established in the framework of the decision by the Board of Ministers to close down the Technical Education Faculty, is to train engineers. Hasan Fevzi Batırel Web Page : The Medical Faculty, the history of which stretches back to 1894 and the Mekteb-i Tıbbiye-i Şâhâne, continued to operate under different names; in 1983 it joined Marmara University under its present name.While the Dentistry Faculty, Pharmacy and Medical faculties consist of one programme, the Law Faculty has two programmes and the Theology Faculty has four programmes. This institute was active under different names throughout history and in 1982 became known as the Atatürk Education Faculty and was affiliated with Marmara University. The language of the faculty, which has 6 departments, is Turkish. The language of instruction in the faculty is English, and there are 3 departments, Surgical Medical Sciences, Internal Medical Sciences and Basic Medical Sciences.

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