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Interpass temperature as defined by ASME Section IX;interpass temperature: the highest temperature in the weldjoint immediately prior to welding, or in the case of multiplepass welds, the highest temperature in the section ofthe previously deposited weld metal, immediately beforethe next pass is started.The interpass temperature is to control the amount of heat into the weld joint, meaning the surrounding base material that encompasses the weld joint. ASTM A671/A671M GRADE CA 55, CB 60, CB 65, CB 70, CC 60, CC 65, CC 70 7. Puedes consultar la lista de mujeres disponibles en tu zona para buscar a través de sus imágenes.Section IX definitions------------------layer: a stratum of weld metal consisting of one or morebeads.See figures QW/QB-492.1 and QW/QB-492.2.pass: a single progression of a welding or surfacing operationalong a joint, weld deposit, or substrate. Take a look at the definition provided by metengr once more.You also posted"I believe it means that at no point shall the assembly be above this temperature."That is incorrect Regards, Kiwi I am not insisting that I was correct in my interpetation of a pass, but they were saying to take it between complete layers and not passes.We all agree that a layer is composed of many passes in a multipass weld.

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The result of a pass is a weld bead and may include several stops and procedure definition for interpass temperature as the maximum temperature of a section of the deposited weld metal and adjacent base material immmedialtey prior to welding again in that section for multipass welds.

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diverdileo, This is what you posted"However, many of the welder take the deffintion of weld pass and interpret it to read that the temperature should only be taken between weld layers and only at those points.

ie prior to root, prior to each intermediate layer and prior to final cover layer."That is correct.

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