Internet dating psychopaths

Sociopaths and Psychopaths brains don’t work a bit like ours.

It’s confusing and frustrating to try to build relationships with them, because they’re missing the building-blocks-of-bonding.

The Lovefraud reader Blogger T7165 sent me a link to the case of Jessica Banks, a 65-year old woman from Moreno Valley, California, who was convicted in July of 13 counts of child abuse and two counts of sexual penetration by force and fear.

Two weeks ago she was sentenced to two consecutive life terms.

For certain it’s nothing close to what’s going on in ours.

Sociopaths often entertain the crowd, or alternately avoid a crowd. any one will do as a sexual “partner” since there is no love or emotional connection.

She met Philippe Padieu, an exotic man who was born in France and worked as a network security analyst in Frisco, Texas.

They shared an interest in martial arts, and Diane had a relationship with him for four and a half years.

We tend to give the sociopath’s machinations more importance than they have. – They seem to be doing things that need masterminding because they’re doing things we’d never think of doing or dare to do.

But when there is no concern for other people, no sense of responsibility, or obligation to society, family, friends, humanity, or any living being other than self – allowing one to carry out any action to gain a desire – is that intelligence?

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