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It is a country, where the East joins the West and the sun falls on sleep in the Carpathian mountains and awakes in the Crimean steppes.Watch these videos and discover Ukraine the way it is - magnificent and unique, modern and fast, cultural pearl of the world.When outright lies are contained in an online dating profile, it can lead to immediate discontinuation of the relationship.Don't waste anyone's time — just be honest.5. Pictures that show you engaged in an activity are far likelier to stimulate a successful conversation.

Ukraine borders on Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Belarus and Russia. km, Ukraine is one of the biggest countries of Europe. The capital is Kyiv ("Kiev" in Russian transliteration). Many Ukrainians are bilingual and speak Russian as well.

You are welcome to read our article about Euromaidan.

You also can read some recent news in English at Kyivpost, Euronews.

And, as it is known, the championship ends, and the results remain.

Ukrainians were very hospitable and made friends with foreign fans so much, that the holiday passed wonderfully well!

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