Internet dating comedy

The fan fiction writer shrieked and limped out of the room, cursing at a very high pitch."Well, that's that over with," Elaine sighed with relief.

"Next we have-""ME, senorita," Doctor Jamming appeared out of nowhere, clicked his heels together and used his guitar to serenade Monica with some Mexican music (or is it Spanish?

He ran round in circles in alarm, then raced out the house, heading for the lake.

He'd do a better strip tease."Ignoring Lin, Max gestured at the blue gems and said "Does anyone want to pick up that experience?

He'd be able to fix my hair," she wailed, or at least wailed as much as one could when they only spoke in husky whispers. He wouldn't dump me'."Well there is one other thing, but I'll need to use your computer.""I don't have one.

Not managing to hear a word she said, Max grinned wildly at his mum."Sure is. Dad took it after he caught me trying to hack into a 'certain site'," Max grinned evilly."Whatever.

He could explain.""I'm sorry Monica," Max explained "but it was like, you were gone and Lin was here and there was a romantic fire and too much to drink so it turned into a house fire and one thing led to another and-""So you burnt down Lin's house and now she has to live with you or be homeless? Monica's real scary when she's mad, and I hear she's got a chainsword now.""Oh if only Master Crest were here.

" Monica said sarcastically."Pretty much, yeah."With one last slap, Monica stormed off to go cause destruction throughout Palm Brinks."Hmm, touchy," stated Elaine."She looks pissed," Max panicked. He'd recognise an island king when he saw one."The conversation ended as Elaine walked in, pushing a wheelchair to which Monica had been duct taped to.

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