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Go island hopping and find out the uniqueness of these 10 best Indonesian traditions.....bersamaan hilangnya Kesuma terdengarlah suara gaib "Saudara-saudaraku yang kucintai, aku telah dikorbankan oleh orangtua kita dan Sang Hyang Widhi menyelamatkan kalian semua.It’s always held on 14th of Kasada (according to the ancient Javanese calendar) at Mount Bromo.The purpose of Kasada is to commemorate the sacrifice of Raden Kusuma (the son of Jaka Seger and Lara Anteng, people respected by the locals).You can enjoy this ritual along with the crowd in an open public space.Fahombo Batu (stone jumping) is the feature of Nias Island’s culture.

The participants dress like buffaloes by smearing their body with oil and wearing two horns on their head.The locals believe that a buffalo symbolizes power.The buffalo men march and dance excitedly along the street.The aim of the tradition is to get God’s blessing for a better harvest.Pasola literally means a “war play.” It occurs between two groups of men dressed in traditional costume, holding blunt wooden spears all while riding their horses.

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