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With abundant firm white noodles and only a few strands of yellow noodles, this mildly sweet and light hokkien mee reminds me more of fish soup. Price: Waiting Time: 15 min Pros: Aunty is very nice and friendly.

Til tross for relativt kort botid i Norge sitter mange minoritetsspråklige elever inne med gode kunnskaper i norskfaget, og i muntlige situasjoner klarer de å gjøre greie for og bruke kunnskapene sine.I 2007 ble faget Norsk som andrespråk for språklige minoriteter (NOA-planen) fjernet med et departementalt pennestrøk.Fra den ene dagen til den andre var mulighetene for fagbrev eller studier ved høyskoler og universiteter vesentlig forringet for innvandrere med kort botid i Norge.From Fujian province, Hokkien mee consists of noodles, egg, lard, pork belly, squid, and prawn. to the Hokkien mee at , but I opted for the normal one to be fair to other stalls on this list. The wet Hokkien mee is bland, but has and comes with plump prawns. Price: .50 Waiting Time: 15 min Pros: near mrt Cons: few seats during peak hours. It’s nice to have deep-fried pork belly AND lard, but unfortunately, the noodles and the pork are strangers and do not mix with each other. Although the noodles are too nuah, and have an alkaline taste, they give lots of pork belly which absorb the prawn stock. It is first simmered in prawn stock so that the noodles absorb it, and then stir-fry. This does not refer to the stock on the plate; both dry and wet versions can have stock. Everyone is standing around, and when ah boy spots you, he will ask you what you want. Ah boy is very sharp and has an excellent memory, but people keep adding more plates because they queue so long and they want to make their waiting time worth it, and ah boy gets confused. There is nothing really extraordinary about it, but it’s comforting and nothing to complain about. The sambal, like the kind for sambal stingray, adds flavor to the dish. Price: for non-claypot, claypot for two Waiting Time: 30 min. The young girl who took orders knows how to manage expectations; told me it would take 30 min.

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