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(Proceedings) In the course of the preparation for the ICAM-94, a number of papers were published generalizing different problems of geology in northeastern Russia including the stratigraphy of Triassic (Yu. More than 60 researchers and specialists from 12 Universities, 6 Federal Surveys and 10 gold-mining and oil companies from the U. The reports of a particular interest for the audience were "The Correlation of Major Terranes and Overlapping Complexes" by W. New data, using new or improved methods were used to identify a magnetic overprint which calls some paleomagnetic pole determinations in the Chersky Range into question (Stone), or provided a much more detailed geochronology of the formation of the granites in the Kolyma granitic belt (Layer). Dawson (The Geological Survey of Canada, Vancouver), Acad. These presentations considered the problems of metallogeny and reserves of platinoids (4 reports), gold (6 reports), silver (5 reports), also general metallogeny of the northern Circumpacific (9 reports) and throughout the world (1 report). The presentations were made at a high scientific and professional level and are important to understand the regularities of distribution of mineral deposits and occurrences on the basis of new plate tectonic conceptions. Unfortunately, the Proceedings of the previous International Conference on Arctic Margins (to be distributed among the participants of the ICAM-94 and bags and badges with the ICAM-94 symbols manufactured in Anchorage by a special order were not delivered to Magadan by the beginning of the ICAM-94 meeting) were not delivered by Alaska Airlines Company. S.), "The Formation of the Taimyr Folded Area during Riphean and Paleozoic" by V. Vernikovsky, and "The Tectonics and Geodynamics of the Southern Koryak Highlands and Kamchatka" by V. The discussion of the presentations made at this symposium was lively and fruitful. Vaschilov (Northeast Interdisciplinary Research Institute, Russia Academy of Sciences Far East Branch, Magadan), Dr. The reports were on three major problems as follows: 1) gravity and subduction; 2) deep structures; 3) paleomagnetism and geochronology. This presentation on the modern Benioff-Vadati zone of the Kurils-Kamchatka island arc aroused a significant interest of the audience, but also demonstrated that the authors were unaware of results of many different studies conducted by Russian researchers with respect to this problem. The round-table discussion was about the "Joint Call for Nomination and Comments for the Proposed Simultaneous Lease Sale of the U. Chukchi Sea and Hope Basin Tracts and the Adjacent Russian Northern and Southern Chukchi Tracts", that was published in the American and Russian press by the Minerals Management Service of the U. Department of the Interior and the Federation of Russia Committee on Geology and Mineral Resources.

More than 400 people expressed their wish to participate in this meeting, and more than 280 Abstracts were submitted and published. The field trip "Golden Ring of Kolyma" was conducted on September 9-20, and its participants were 11 representatives of mining industry of Canada, U. Despite quite a difficult finance situation, the ICAM-94 meeting was generally a success. For this section, 36 scientific reports were proposed, and there were 14 oral presentations and 6 poster presentations. S., Canada and Russia, "The Correlation Round the Canadian Arctic Basin" by L. Lane and co-authors from Canada and Russia, "Differentiation of the Northern Circumpacific: Variations in Tectonic Style and Plate Tectonic Results" by E. Miller and co-authors, "The Most Important Problems of Tectonics in Northeastern Asia" by L. [ Return to Top ] Section 4: Regional Geophysics, Lithosphere Dynamics and Seismology. The only report on the northern Pacific and its Euro-American continental rim was by Yu. Norton used gravity data from the Verkhoyansk-Kolyma Mesozoides to make refined crustal models. Sidorov (Northeast Research Center, Russia Academy of Sciences Far East Branch, Magadan), Scientific Secretary: Dr. For this section, 39 reports were submitted including 12 oral presentations at the plenary session and 14 poster presentations. Balen on the Alaska mineral industry cost escalation factors. Despite a large number of Abstracts submitted for the ICAM-94 meeting, most of Russian scientists failed to attend this Conference due to very high prices for air tickets. Miller (Stanford University, Stanford), Scientific Secretary: Dr. For this symposium, 12 reports were submitted, and 7 of them were presented to the audience. since Oxfordian till mid-Early Cretaceous, and the main regional metamorphism event was particularly short in their cores. This metallogenic project is the first cooperative study, that demonstrates many advantages of using a single research approach to examine the geologic structural environment and synthesis the regularities of minerals distribution throughout a vast territory consisting of regions with different formational history. A number of some other reviewing papers on geology are also planned to be published. The second English-Russian edition of the Directory for the North East Science Center, Russia Academy of Sciences Far East Branch, and "The Atlas of Multiple Gold and Silver Prediction Models for Northeastern Russia" were issued for the ICAM-94 meeting. Trushnin (Northeastern Research Center of Mineral Row). The geologic history of Late Mesozoic domes was much shorter, i.e. Social communication using live webcam chat functions are becoming increasingly popular.Chat using face-to-face chat or just simply text to friends, family or random strangers.

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