How to stop vista validating programs

My system, a three-month old windows 8 desktop has been plugging along just fine for a long time now, and I originally thought this problem was just with Java, which was my main problem the first time this issue appeared.With the java installer, it would hang once it started installing, with nothing on the progress bar.Windows Installer would show no cpu usage, and the installer would stay at this state for however long I left it running.After a few weeks of struggling for an answer, I gave up and found some shady portable version of java that quasi-works for what I need.First, a bit of background: When a certificate authority issues a certificate to a secure website (e.g.

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By default, Windows Vista and later enable revocation checks in both scenarios, while Internet Explorer on Windows XP only enables Authenticode Revocation checking by default because of the performance impact of downloading CRLs for HTTPS connections.When I tried, it hung on "Preparing to Install..." with the bar moving across the screen indefinitely.Once again, I figured windows installer was to blame.-Eric Lawrence Update 8/16/2012: We recently determined that URLMon's code (Win8, Win7, and probably earlier) to ignore certificate revocation check failures is applied for content uploads (e.g. Hence, if a Certificate Revocation check fails, that is fatal to the upload (e.g.IE will show a Page Cannot Be Displayed error message; other clients would show a different error).

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