Hofer r dating of ballpoint

Therefore, the establishment of accurate analytical approaches for authenticating CCP documents would play a key role in the field of forensic science.CCP papers generally consist of three-parts, a coated back (CB) sheet, a coated front and back (CFB) sheet, and a coated front (CF) sheet, as illustrated in Fig. Microcapsules of dyes, buffering agents, adhesives, etc.This new design was licensed by the British, who produced ballpoint pens for RAF aircrew as the Biro.

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Ballpoint pens are produced in both disposable and refillable models.Ballpoint pen ink is normally a paste containing around 25 to 40 percent dye. The most common of the oils are benzyl alcohol or phenoxyethanol, which mix with the dyes to create a smooth paste that dries quickly.The dyes used in blue and black ballpoint pens are basic dyes based on triarylmethane and acid dyes derived from diazo compounds or phthalocyanine.Thus writing or marks on CCP papers are often important subjects of forensic analysis.Accurate identification of CCP documents can help to differentiate authentic documents from forgeries and provide a scientific basis for estimating the age of any ink.

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