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Any legitimate translation agency will work ONLY with a customer who hired them and will not pass charges on somebody else.This scam is pulled by both: Russian and Ukrainian scam agencies.

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Signs of scam:- their pictures are too good to be true, looking like a professional playboy western model (though sometimes they use pics of ordinary girls)- they contact you first on a dating site and give their email address in the first message, or solicit your email address- their profile disappears from a dating site shorty after you get their message, or is already gone.Our members are ultra-high-net- worth individuals (UHN W Is) who are accustomed to consistently receiving an exceptional service.We are experts in luxury and we admire the finer things in life, therefore we fully understand our members’ needs, wants and desires, tailoring our service around them individually.Read more at: Jet City Jet Limited is an Irish regional airline with headquarters in Swords, County Dublin.What it is about: a Ukrainian girl initiates correspondence with you, sends you few letters (usually from 3 to 6) and then you receive a letter from a "translation agency" saying that the girl was paying them for translations, but her account is closed now, as she cannot afford paying anymore.

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