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When I met her partner, they (their preferred pronoun) were distinctly male with long hair. They looked and acted extremely, flamboyantly, and shallowly like a gay man. I feel like my daughter is being used as a testing ground. A: The important question here is “What do I do when my 28-year-old daughter dates someone I’m not wild about?Her partner doesn’t have a job, a stable lifestyle, or seem grounded in any way. ” And the answer, I’m afraid, is “Not much.” Your daughter knows she’s dating an unemployed person with a somewhat “unstable” lifestyle, and for now at least, that’s not a problem for her.

This is especially significant for people like me, which happen to be in a... That's excellent news for folks like you and me, because of our magnetic coupling (sero-discordant relationships).

How people could deny that fact is incomprehensible to... Bob, I just read a response to another person and you said "CMV is a late complication..."Well, what if I was infected with CMV before I ever had HIV?

Am I more likely to experience optical and/or gastrointestinal complications related to CMV... Bob Read more » ..find that people have a better reaction that way?

I didn’t know if “trans man” meant a man that used to be a woman, a man transitioning to a woman, or something else.

Whenever I asked my daughter any questions, she acted like they were rude and out of bounds. I’m really more concerned about the quality of their relationship than the nature, but I don’t understand the social parameters around these issues.

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