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At this latter race, on 23 September 1961, Mc Laren was fastest in practice, and finished third, a suspiciously impressive outing for a car at the end of its second season. Believed to be one of the works T53s that went to the US GP in 1960 and the car used for Jack Brabham's "test" at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in November 1960.

The Formula One Register, in John Thompson's 1974 book on this period, identified F2-5-60 as Jack Brabham's private entry in minor events in 1961.

After the United States Grand Prix at Riverside in California on 20 November 1960, the two works T53s were shipped to Ardmore for the New Zealand on 7 January 1961.

After that race, there is nothing to suggest that either car was sold in New Zealand or Australia, and Jack Brabham brought his own T53 from the South African GP for the races in Australia in February so the works car presumably returned to England.

A second was the car built by the CT 'Tommy' Atkins team for Bruce Mc Laren to drive in early 1961, which may well have used the chassis from one of the 1960 factory cars.

To add further confusion, the Atkins team may have built a second lowline later in 1961 to take out to the New Zealand Internationals, and the first car may have become Arthur Owen's hillclimb car in August or September 1961.

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