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BFQ FIOPS FIFO ZEN VR SIO NOOP DEADLINE ROW CFQ /* Default Setting */ CPU Clock : 2.2Ghz / 2.8Ghz GPU Clock : 450m Hz / 578m Hz CPU Governor : arteractive GPU Governor : msm-adreno-tz Adreno Idler I/O Scheduler : row TCP Congestion Control : Westwood Hot Plug : Lazy Plug * Kernel Stock Version /* Detail Kernel Info */ I9506XXUDOJ2 Based No Tweak Stock Kernel.

20 - gugu0das Kernel Beta Program Optimized Kernel Source.

meeting all of the applicable Success Criteria for the target level and lower) is merely one.

1st for 10 days (2880 samples every 300 seconds is 864000 seconds / 60 seconds = 14400 hours / 60 minutes = 240 hours / 24 hour = 10 days), 2nd for 30 days, 3rd for 3 months and the last one for 18 months. Pooled Available $unixtime = [int][double]:: Parse($(Get-date -date (Get-Date). First graph (at the beginning of this post) was generated using this command.

$license Pool = gwmi -class "Citrix_GT_License_Pool" -Namespace "ROOT\Citrix Licensing" $usage = $license Pool | where-object | select Count, In Use Count, Pooled Available, Overdraft # Write-Host $usage. To Universal Time()-uformat %s)) $cmd = "C:\CTX\RRDtool\update Ctx Lic $($unixtime):$($usage. If you want to create image for 10 days period you can add c:\CTX\RRDtool\graph graphs\Ctx Lic -w 600 -h 200 --end now 10d --start now-10d --slope-mode \ --vertical-label "Licenses Checked Out" --title "Citrix license usage - XDT_ENT_UD - User/Device" \ DEF: Total=Ctx Lic Usage.rrd:total: AVERAGE \ DEF: Used=Ctx Lic Usage.rrd:used: AVERAGE \ DEF: Avail=Ctx Lic Usage.rrd:avail: AVERAGE \ DEF: Overdraft=Ctx Lic Usage.rrd:overdraft: AVERAGE \ CDEF: Line Used=Used,1,* \ CDEF: Line Avail=Avail,1,* \ CDEF: Line Total=Total,1,* \ CDEF: Line Overdraft=Total, Overdraft,- \ VDEF:slope=Line Used, LSLSLOPE \ VDEF:cons=Line Used, LSLINT \ CDEF:leastsquareline=Line Used, POP,slope, COUNT,*,cons, \ COMMENT:" " COMMENT:"Last " COMMENT:"Maximum " COMMENT:"Average " COMMENT:"Minimum\l" \ AREA: Line Used#fe3562:"Used ": STACK GPRINT: Used: LAST:"%%6.3lf %%S" GPRINT: Used: MAX:"%%6.3lf %%S" GPRINT: Used: AVERAGE:"%%6.3lf %%S" GPRINT: Used: MIN:"%%6.3lf %%S\l" \ AREA: Line Avail#cfe694:"Available ": STACK GPRINT: Avail: LAST:"%%6.3lf %%S" GPRINT: Avail: MAX:"%%6.3lf %%S" GPRINT: Avail: AVERAGE:"%%6.3lf %%S" GPRINT: Avail: MIN:"%%6.3lf %%S\l" \ LINE2: Line Total#3b73fc:"Total " GPRINT: Total: LAST:"%%6.3lf %%S" GPRINT: Total: MAX:"%%6.3lf %%S" GPRINT: Total: AVERAGE:"%%6.3lf %%S" GPRINT: Total: MIN:"%%6.3lf %%S\l" \ LINE1: Line Overdraft#9e0b0f:"Overdraft " GPRINT: Overdraft: LAST:"%%6.3lf %%S" GPRINT: Overdraft: MAX:"%%6.3lf %%S" GPRINT: Overdraft: AVERAGE:"%%6.3lf %%S" GPRINT: Overdraft: MIN:"%%6.3lf %%S\l" \ LINE1:leastsquareline#FF9900:"Trend" Windows binaries are here and all downloads. Right now I’m also working on other monitoring scripts.

20 Official Release-5 / Release-5-OC Compiled with Linaro 7.1.1 Fix Call Delay. Fix Sleep of Death after Enable Lazy Plug Fix USB Fast Charge. Update Lazy Plug Over Clock CPU Freq to 2.88Ghz * Release-5-OC Over Clock GPU Freq to 578m Hz * Release-5-OC Increase Max Krait Voltage to 1.25V * Release-5-OC Increase Max MSM_Limiter Freq to 2.72Ghz * Release-5-OC Support RAM Console Driver.

* Default Enable Lazy Plug With Custom Setting Value.

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