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The show aired on The WB network on Sunday nights in its first season, and was renewed for a second season to be part of a new Thursday night comedy block.

Liz's sexy friend stays at the apartment for the weekend, getting Mike's hopes up that they might have a ménage à trois.

Uncle Bob's New Camera by Lubrican CHAPTER ONE Bob sat at the kitchen table and eagerly tore the box open, hauling out what was inside. He'd gone to High School with her and gotten in her panties one time when she'd been mad at her boyfriend. He'd made a list of seven or eight possibilities when he heard the front door open and close. I was sort of hoping that maybe you would hire me for something.

He had the knowledge and skill to do professional work, and now he had the equipment to do it too. He'd been pitched by an internet company to supply photographs that could be used for web sites. But it was a small town and if he started selling pictures to porn sites the word would eventually get around. There was a waitress down at the Dive Inn who might be willing to shed her clothes for him. And there was that girl that worked nights at the local Motel Seven.

Meanwhile, Euan meets a woman who is more wild in bed than he is.

Euan and Status Quo meet a woman at a bar and fight each other for her attention.

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