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Perhaps one of the most historically significant changes of this period in Ghanaian history was the introduction of cocoa farming, beginning in 1878.

As the British government made various moves in the following decades to organize Northern and Asante territories into a colony under one government, the cocoa trade led to the creation of an entire infrastructure, including educational institutions, which was unique in West Africa at the time.

In doing so, they also led a series of successful conquests of the coastal peoples to further secure their power.

By the early nineteenth century, however, the slave trade was losing strength and by 1814, the British, Dutch, and Danes had outlawed it altogether.

Most of the land in Ghana is low-lying, with the highest altitudes not exceeding 3,000 feet (900 meters).

Bisecting the landmass of the country is the Volta River Basin and the artificially created Lake Volta.

Feeling that all-African control of the government would lead to a more just political and economic situation between laborers of different ethnicity and class, prominent Ghanaians and British colonial officials began to draw up plans for an all-Ghanaian legislative assembly which would be, for the most part, organized and run by the Ghanaians.

While this plan was slowly developing, impatience and doubt began to grow.

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The different communities which make up these groups share a common history, language, and cultural practices.

By the middle of the 18th century, the coast of Ghana had nearly 40 separate active forts controlled by European slave and gold traders.

From early on much of the area today known as Ghana was called the Gold Coast, only taking the name Ghana in 1957.

With the growth of the slave trade, different groups from the interior grew in wealth and power, now using firearms and gunpowder to affect their neighboring groups.

It was by this trade, competition, and violence that the modern history of Ghana was inaugurated.

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