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Our focus is on why the women who didn’t make such tough a decision to remain single are still single.The answer is not far-fetched, most single Ghanaian ladies are yet to deal with their turn-off behaviors.However, with the significant rise in the number of single ladies in Ghana, one has to wonder what the reason could be.Although research has shown that some of the single Ghanaian ladies made the tough decision to remain single, many did not.What is most disturbing is that they are really not ready to be realistic.They totally forget that they can be extremely happy with someone who doesn’t meet their preconceived image of their ideal mate if they just try.

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They build a castle in their minds and end up comparing any man who comes their way with their imaginary man.

Here’s an advice; drop the attitude and irrelevant things and focus on the man who has the reasonable things in the target you have set for yourself.

Also, don’t set unreasonable standards because you might never find all of the standards in one man.

Yes, single Ghanaian ladies think they are getting it right, but they are not.

Read on to see some of the ill conducts that have kept most Ghana ladies Single.

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