Gender representation in television commercials updating an update

Why continuous studies need to be done to examine trends in gender representation; Process of selecting commercials; Items used in coding of commercials; Gender representation in commercials for the years 1976, 19.

Lovdal to analyze trends in gender representation in television commercials in spring 1998.

For nondomestic commercials, in the morning there was a mean of 1.33 (closer to more male representation), in the afternoon there was a mean of 1.71(closer to more female representation) and at night there was a mean of 1.45 (almost even representation).

For domestic commercials, the females were represented more than the males during the morning, afternoon and night.

The representation of genders and whether the product was domestic or nondomestic was noted in the commercials.

The television commercials were recorded throughout three different time periods (morning, afternoon, and night). : In concluding this study, the researcher was able to accept the hypothesis for nondomestic commercials.

The findings further provide implications for researchers, public policy makers, and marketing practitioners.

The hope of this study is to find that there is still gender role issues that society is still dealing with today.

There is a gender role distinction in nondomestic commercials.

However, the hypothesis had to be rejected for domestic commercials.

This study has found that gender representation is equal in domestic commercials, but unequal in nondomestic commercials.

In domestic commercials females are represented much more than males.

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