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" The greatest evidence, the greatest proof is not that the person speaks in tongues (as some believe) or has had some emotional experience; the greatest evidence is fruit. It is the "fruit of the S_____________" (Galatians ). It does not say that this is the "fruit of the Christian." It is not something that we can produce ourselves.

The fruit of the Spirit is the outward and visible evidence of that inner life and power and Person that lives within, namely God the Holy Spirit. It does not say, "The fruits of the Spirit," even though there are nine virtues listed in these verses. Even though nine virtues are listed, there is really but one unified cluster, like a cluster of grapes. The fruit does not come from us; it comes from God.

The word "manifest" means visible, plainly seen, open, evident, known, apparent, obvious." The word "manifest" is the opposite of "hidden, concealed, secret." The works of the flesh are no secret.

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If you see apples hanging on a tree, you can be sure it is an apple tree.

When ladies go to the grocery store, they do quite well in discerning between good fruit and bad fruit.

They select the good cantaloupes and they leave the bad ones or the ones that are starting to rot.

You are either walking in the Spirit (manifesting the fruit of the Spirit) or you are fulfilling the lusts of the flesh (manifesting the works of the flesh). There is a battle taking place within the heart of a believer (read Galatians ). Will you be controlled by the Spirit or by the flesh?

Is the flesh going to produce something or is God going to produce something?

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