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Reentering Inhuman society as a young man—having vowed never to speak—the character is attacked by his younger brother Maximus, who attempts, unsuccessfully, to goad him into speaking.A story in The Avengers, told in flashback, reveals how Black Bolt came to be ruler of the Inhumans and Maximus was driven mad.Black Bolt (Blackagar Boltagon) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the character first appears in Fantastic Four #45 (December 1965).At his command, the Inhumans attack the Kree and overthrow Ronan the Accuser, with Black Bolt declaring himself supreme ruler of the Kree Empire.

before starring in the one-shot publication Inhumans: The Great Refuge (May 1995), which details the Inhumans' ongoing battle with the Kree.

Black Bolt discovered his brother had secretly allied himself with the alien Kree—the race whose genetic experiments first created the Inhumans.

In trying to stop an escaping Kree vessel, he overextended his sonic powers and caused the vessel to crash.

The crash resulted in the deaths of several members of the Council of Genetics, including the brothers' parents, and Maximus was driven insane by his proximity to Black Bolt's use of his voice.

Black Bolt assumes the title of King but is haunted by the consequences of his actions.

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