Form of christianity dating back to luther and calvin single parent dating kahului hawaii

He [thinks] intuitively, he is a 'prophet', a tumultuous torrent, he loves crude images, he works his thought in paradoxes, and one commits a serious error by taking what he writes always literally." Luther had a difficult time in his youth.

There are repeated references, throughout his later writings, to his sufferings and deep soul agonies. He was searching for spiritual peace, but didn't find it until after a long study and struggle.

Martin Luther believed in consubstantiation which is the belief that the body and blood of Christ are present and exist along with the elements of bread and wine.

However, John Calvin believed that the body and blood of Christ are spiritually present in the bread and wine but not physically present.

Although they followed two different religions, Lutheranism and Calvinism, they still had similar attitudes about political authority and social order. They denounced the Pope and said that he was not infallible.

They also believed in following the words of the scriptures because they believed that the scriptures were the original basis of Christianity.

They didn’t want the pope to rule each region but they did want each region to have independence over what religion they wanted to practice.He also did not want to alter the political structure of the government.He wanted the monarchy to remain as the form of government.During the 16th and 17th centuries, Lutheranism and Calvinism began to gain a lot of attention.Both these men were leading influences of the Protestant Reformation, which was a time period when people began to question the church and how government and society should be adhered.

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