Flirty dating

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Once our couples have completed their dance date, they will part still not yet having spoken a word to each other. Will they want to see each other again or was that their last dance?

" I’m so excited to announce my brand new show with @Channel4 ‘Flirty Dancing’!

", "error_agemax": "You have not specified maximum age!", "error_email_unknown": "We didn't recognise your email address!Please check your email address.", "error_my_gender": "You have not specified what you are looking for!Flirty Dancing is a new five-part series, which sees self-confessed romantic Ashley Banjo, play cupid using his expert skills as a choreographer to bring people together through the art of dance.As stated on the official synopsis: "Before each unique date, the show will take two complete strangers and teach them one half of a fully choreographed dance routine which has been cleverly tailored to illustrate their personalities and what they want from a prospective partner.

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    You've heard the saying "opposites attract," but when it comes to your life partner, does this still hold true? Read about the timeline of when they messaged, met, and got engaged!