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To her, they were little more than tender, maternal photographs of her children.Yet to others, they were child pornography, and the mark of an irresponsible mother.This comes as a shock to those who were not expecting it, and it causes more of a discomfort than that of the full-frontal nude female.This image is highly provocative in its subject’s pose, and the added popsicle drips adds an element of touch and tangibility for the viewer.

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At the time of the first gallery opening, Mann was unaware of the media attention she would attract, and the controversy that her work would stir up.

Many have hastily labeled this as indecent, and consequently, something they would rather ignore. She sees the innate sexuality of her children where others would shy away from it. In the image entitled “Popsicle Drips”, we see a young, male torso, stained with liquid dripping down his lower abdomen to his thighs.

His hips are sensually thrown to the side, and his arms are fully out of view.

In 1892 it became Tiffany Glass & Decorating Company. An early Tiffany Favrile Glass Flower Form vase, dating from the late 1890s, the undulating cup of the vase mimicking flower petals, with decorated foot, signed.

In 1902 it was Tiffany Furnaces and finally in 1920 it became Louis C. Tiffany vases can be dated according to a chart in the Robert Koch book, Louis C. Prefix A corresponds to 1894, suffix A to 1906, etc. We specialize in art glass of the early 20th Century. This vase was originally in the acquired by The Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, N. The mark shown was found on a soda fountain glass dating to the 1950s.

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