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Some canny homemade porn creators have exploited the Go Pro’s slow-mo capability to share excruciatingly detailed ejaculation shots.Many videos, with titles like, “Multiple uses for a Go Pro…,” take obvious delight in appropriating this mainstream technology for naughty purposes.If anything, amateur porn-makers have been even more enthusiastic in adopting the Go Pro.

The dungeon-like set, hidden in the bowels of the building, a former military armory in the heart of the Mission district, was decorated with chains and a dilapidated bed that looked like it had seen a great many occupants.

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Often, porn films shot on more traditional cameras will incorporate Go Pro footage here and there for variety.

Sometimes, one Go Pro isn’t enough: In a shoot I came across on the porn site Reality, a male porn star was equipped with one strapped to his head and one slung low around his waist.

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