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Project 1999 is the best and most popular classic Everquest experience.This is the 2nd time this has happened since the last patch.Since it updated the game I just ran and I can now play the game.The launcher is still not working the way it should but at least it is playable until the next patch..Often people complain that a tech support representative told them to update their video/graphics card drivers in response to an in-game graphic issue. If you have outdated video card drivers you may begin to experience problems.Does this mean you need to update your drivers as soon as new ones are available? However, if you start to experience graphic problems, updating the drivers should be one of the first steps you take in resolving the issue.Now its right back to doing it again.- I did the selective startup and disabled everything that wasn't needed.- I deleted the blizzard launcher- I deleted the cache and wtf directory.- MY internet explorer isn't set to work offline.- My secondary logons are on- I disabled all firewall/virus software (kinda goes with the selective startup above)- I updated my video drivers- I updated my Flash- Have run it as Admin This is getting old. (Actually, I have another word for it, but that wouldn't be allowed here.)When are they going to fix it!?

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The fact that I can play SWTOR with no probs should be a huge indicator that the problem isn't with my machine. When I did it still gave me the error code Hannes talked about, however it did update the game which is farther than I got before.I don't care if it's hundreds or millions of us who are getting the launcher error messages, it needs to be acknowledged and some kind of a "we're working on it" message posted. Different issue, but the same thing happened a few months ago when we weren't able to attack some Horde NPC's.One day it was just fixed after more than a week, of leaving us hanging.Now, the launcher pops up and has an error message.I click on it, and it tells me to do all kinds of stuff, and I have done it all. I even tried restoring my computer to an earlier date. What's baffling is that Blizz won't acknowledge that there's a problem.

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