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With the massive decrease in height, the running boards were deleted entirely.

In contrast to the Zephyr (and in a massive change from the K-Series Lincoln), the hood sat nearly level with the fenders.

Following World War II, the segment evolved into coupes and convertibles larger than sports cars and grand touring cars with an emphasis on luxury and style over handling.

From 1956 to 1957, the Continental nameplate also saw use in the short-lived Continental Division, marketing the 1956-1957 Continental Mark II as the worldwide flagship of Ford Motor Company; as a second successor, Ford introduced the Continental Mark series in 1969, produced over five generations to 1998.

To attract buyers, the design was refreshed with updated trim, distinguished by a new grille.

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By design, the Edsel Ford prototype could be considered a channelled and sectioned Lincoln-Zephyr convertible; although the vehicle wore a conventional windshield profile, the prototype sat nearly 7 inches lower than a standard Lincoln.Interest from well-off friends was high; Edsel sent a telegram back to Michigan that he could sell a thousand of them.In reference to its European-inspired design, the Lincoln-based prototype received its name: Continental.Within the Lincoln model line, the Continental has served several roles ranging from its flagship to its base-trim sedan; from 1961 to 1976, the Lincoln Continental was the sole model line sold by the division.As part of its entry into full-scale production, the first-generation Lincoln Continental became the progenitor of an entirely new automotive segment, the personal luxury car.

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