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In 1948, Earl Shaffer of York, Pennsylvania, brought a great deal of attention to the project by publicizing the first claimed thru-hike.The claim was later criticized for the hike's omission of significant portions due to short-cuts and car rides.For the phrase "Hiking the Appalachian Trail", see Mark Sanford disappearance and extramarital affair.The Appalachian National Scenic Trail, generally known as the Appalachian Trail or simply the A.The ATC's trail crews and volunteer trail-maintaining clubs have relocated or rehabilitated miles of trail since that time.A 121-day Maine to Georgia veteran funded and supported thru-hike was reported to have been completed in 1936, with all but three miles of the new trail cleared and blazed, by six Boy Scouts from New York City and their guides.It is maintained by 31 trail clubs and multiple partnerships, The majority of the trail is in forest or wild lands, although some portions traverse towns, roads and farms.

Many books, memoirs, web sites, and fan organizations are dedicated to these pursuits.He and Mac Kaye clashed over the ATC's response to a major commercial development along the trail's path; Mac Kaye left the organization, while Avery was willing to simply reroute the trail.Avery reigned as Chairman of the ATC from 1932 to 1952 (he died that same year).Trail volunteers worked with the National Park Service to map a permanent route for the trail, and by 1971 a permanent route had been marked (though minor changes continue to this day).By the close of the 20th century, the Park Service had completed the purchase of all but a few miles of the trail's span.

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