Effects dating violence victims

It is crucial to the physical, mental and social well fare of the victim that they recognize abuse and remove themselves from the situation quickly.Studies have found that adults who are long-term victims of domestic abuse are more likely to suffer from heart conditions, chronic pain conditions and asthsma due to long time exposure to stress.These effects include harm to an individual’s health, possibly long-term harm to children, and harm to communities such as lost work and homelessness.The short-term physical effects of violence can include minor injuries or serious conditions.Over a longer time, TBI can cause depression and anxiety.

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There are resources that can help you cope with these challenges.

Violence against women has physical and mental health effects, but it can also affect the lives of women who are abused in other ways: One in 10 of these women experienced violence in the month before their death.

If you have experienced abuse, contact a hotline at 800-799-SAFE (800-799-7233), or learn more ways to get help.

This can make it more difficult for a woman in an abusive relationship to leave.

Even if you think you are OK after hitting your head, talk to you doctor or nurse if you have any of these symptoms. If you have experienced a physical or sexual assault, you may feel many emotions — fear, confusion, anger, or even being numb and not feeling much of anything. Some people try to minimize the abuse or hide it by covering bruises and making excuses for the abuser.

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