Dr phil speed dating questions

For instance, if you are unwilling to move away from your family, you do not want to commit to a man who is in the military and may be required to move often.In addition to finding out about your boyfriend's family life, you should ask about his plans for a future family.One of the most important indicators of whether a relationship will work is how compatible you are with each other.

If your relationship is more serious, ask him how he sees your children being raised to see if he shares your goals.The life strategist offers advice on a wide range of topics, including marital, financial and self-image issues.Phil Mc Graw began his own show after he became a popular recurring guest on `The Oprah Winfrey Show.' Season 6, Episode 138April 8, 2008Doctors field viewer questions and discuss health issues.If you dream of other things for your life, such as a specific job or living in a specific place, ask him how he feels about these dreams.Kimberly Turtenwald began writing professionally in 2000.

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