Dougie mcfly who is he dating

He's working really hard, he's doing all sorts of things...He's started acting, which is amazing and he's a complete natural so I'm excited to see what comes of that."In a new interview with Glamour , Goulding confessed the "strangest" part of their relationship, saying, "People always say we look like brother and sister. It’s quite weird.” Now that I look at them it makes total sense.

Dougie joined Mc Fly when he was just 15 years old In 2003, at just 15 years old, Dougie joined the band Mc Fly.He once said that he would willingly to go back into the jungle again.Speaking in 2013 to Magic FM he said: “I could quite happily live off of rice and beans, it didn’t bother me.” Dougie won I'm a Celeb in 2011 Dougie along with the other Mc Fly boys joined Busted stars Matt Willis and James Bourne to form supergroup, Mc Busted. The band then went onto release their debut album Mc Busted.The band have since gone on to become a household name with sell-out tours.They have released six studio albums and two “Best ofs”.

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