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Domestic Violence Victim at Bethlehem Baptist Facing Excommunication and Shunning.They did not believe the woman's side of things.He did this in at least 5 tweets around January 10.He also wrote about it on one of his Facebook pages.It was the final breath of one dying from a wasting disease, And strangely I believe more in marriage now than I ever have.I believe it is worth fighting for and investing in.

I believe it is a gift, a gift that God gives and gives and gives each day.Any distortion of God's instruction for us in marriage also distorts his chosen means in which he displays his eternal love and satisfaction for his bride.For the sake of the gospel and the glory of Christ, this truth should sober and encourage every husband and wife to pursue God's model of marriage.They say I was not emotionally abused by my Ex for 24 years. They call my story a “biased narrative” so they can minimize and dismiss it. They dismiss the 23 years I worked my butt off trying to fix my marriage, cooperate with all the men-leaders, be respectful, be vulnerable, grovel in sorrow and repentance, and obey – and when I finally say I can’t do it anymore – my kids need me, I need to heal, to focus on God, to move forward, they call me “resistant.” I needed and asked for friendship and love.They betrayed me with a smile on their face and a Bible verse on their lips.

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