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the various stages refer to what level of mods you've done to your engine.

a/c & exhaust = Stage 1 Cams = Stage 2 big bore kit (96" to 103 ") or (88" to 95" ) = Stage 3 big bore kit with cams and/or headword = stage 4 Vic Actually It depends on what the Mo Co wants to call it... Screamin' Eagle Big Bore Stage I Kit for EFI Models - 103 Cubic Inches Screamin' Eagle Big Bore Stage II Kit for EFI Models - 103 Cubic Inches Confused yet?

You can go as far as you want, but the most common basis for a Stage One is a Screamin Eagle High Flow Air Cleaner kit and a pair of slip-on mufflers.

Couldnt be much simpler, fitting an air filter, until you realise that one of the bits of emission control is that the mounting studs that hold the air filter backplate on are actually engine breathers from the cylinder head, but this explains why it is called a kit, rather than an air filter.

Have seen it many times on this site where someone thought they were going to stop at "stage 1" mods and spent the money on the download. Its not a general thing: you can stage any motor, and the numbers they go up to can get silly, but were not here to talk about that.

We are still going to be inviting specialists to add their comments on another question subject to my having the presence of mind to ask them as soon as Ive finished writing this, so theyve got chance to reply before we need their words for the next issue.

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The expression "Harley Tax" creates the impression that it is Harleys way of squeezing another few bucks from your recently unburdened wallet, but that is very definitely not the case.Either way, it is more cost-effective for Harley to make as small a range of alternative specifications as possible, which means that the Americans get one model, unless theyre in California, and everyone else but the Swiss get the International models.Californians and the Swiss get an even more restricted model, with catalytic converters, to meet those markets demands.No matter that you purchased the parts from an approved outlet, and that they were made by the original manufacturer of your motorcycle, you are flouting current regs and the responsibility is yours: reasonably cool at the moment, but pray that anti-tamper doesnt become law.Having let the air flow more freely, its essential to consider the impact on the calibration of your EFI or the jetting of your carburettor.

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