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Portrayed as a tall, bulky figure, with long black hair, black nails, and green eyes, Nathan speaks with a death growl even when not singing.

He did not speak a word until he was five years old and in high school excelled only in frog dissection and football.

Small described Nathan as a " quarterback ", and based his character's appearance and performance style on Cannibal Corpse vocalist George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher. He is described as "a handsome guy who thinks he's the greatest thing in the world".

Show creator Brendon Small compares Skwisgaar's attitude and technical playing style to Yngwie Malmsteen.

The band struggles to perform everyday tasks, including shopping for groceries, preparing food, and maintaining proper social relationships.

Skwisgaar also typically discards and re-records the rhythm guitar (and the bass guitar parts) recorded by Toki Wartooth for Dethklok's albums and frequently belittles him for his guitar playing skills, although he does appear to share something of a codependent relationship with him.

Despite this, he does seem to have some knowledge in specific areas, such as negotiating a contract, extensive knowledge of rock culture, and a proficiency in French.

He attempts to get his GED in "Go Forth And Die", and only fails in part due to the band's influence, and in "Fatherklok" tells Murderface not to interfere with Skwisgaar's father issues.

They describe Dethklok as the "world's greatest cultural force". Salacia), however, frequently instructs the other members to allow Dethklok to do as they will.

Nathan Explosion is the frontman, lead vocalist and " lyrical visionary " of Dethklok.

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