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pros had been friends for a couple of years; however, after only a few months of being friends, Farber already knew that she was the one!

On Sunday, March 25, 2018 the two tied the knot in Los Angeles at Bella Blanca.

They were spotted getting cozy over lunch after a day of rehearsals for a previous season of.

The two walked with their arms wrapped around each other and even shared a kiss, making for another adorable off-screen couple.

has become one of the most successful reality competition shows on television.

Fans love the show for all the work, dedication, and emotion every star puts into learning their dances and working with their pro partners.

With so many emotions and so much time together for both the pros and the stars, it isn’t surprising that there have been rumors of hook-ups and break-ups within the cast.

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Nine months later in September, however, the two called it quits amicably, but insiders said they couldn’t agree on starting a family.

Check out 13 real-life couples from actress Janel Parrish, things heated up quickly between the two.

Pretty soon the two weren’t hiding their relationship status, and were spotted holding hands and going out on dates, and in his memoir “I’ll Never Change My Name,” Val fully confirmed the romance.

where he and his pro partner Cheryl Burke ended up doing fairly well on and off the dance floor.

As is usual for every season, many assumed that there was a bit more going on with the pair than just dancing because of their “great chemistry,” which she wrote about in her book 6 Things may have been a bit hazy for Cheryl Burke and Chad Johnson about what their relationship status was, but the same can’t be said for Derek Hough and Shannon Elizabeth.

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