Delphi updating tcomponent classes

In the following section, I discuss these two libraries; the rest of the chapter focuses on the common core classes.

In recent versions of Delphi, this distinction is underlined by the fact that the core non-visual components and classes of the library are part of the new RTL package, which is used by both VCL and CLX.

Controls have a position and a size on the screen and show up in the form at design time in the same position they'll have at run time.

We'll devote most of our time to exploring the content of the Classes unit, but we'll also examine other core units of the library.Technically, components are subclasses of the TComponent class, which is one of the root classes of the hierarchy, as you can see in Figure 4.1.The TComponent class inherits from the TPersistent class; the role of these two classes will be explained in the next section.However, the core classes and the database and Internet portions of the two libraries are basically shared.VCL was considered as a single large library, although programmers used to refer to different parts of it (components, controls, nonvisual components, data sets, data-aware controls, Internet components, and so on).

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