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What Train recalls of the in the lead, which were steeped in literary and political theory, as were our French counterparts.

I doubt if there was a single French literary magazine at that time that didn’t reflect some specific political orientation. I, on the contrary, after my postgraduate work in Comparative Literature, was convinced that theories, both literary and political, are the enemy of art.

Turned out in perfect light tweeds and carrying a small folded shawl over one arm, he would inch along, holding forth exquisitely. I claim to have devised the name because that’s what it was. Raising money was a problem, since although we expected to make money, nobody else could see any basis for that hope, particularly since we were in fact totally unbusiness like.

When you got a foot or so ahead he would clutch you by the elbow, spinning you around toward him, and make a point. (I doubt if the corporation has had even one shareholder’s meeting since its inception.) We worked out a deal to be sponsored for legal and house-keeping purposes by, an established French magazine considered to have a conservative political tone although that meant nothing to us. We would offer to do a literary page in each issue; a whole page, filled with stimulating criticism, moving poetry, gripping fiction.

Such was Humes’s indignation that in the next issue he was promoted and he appeared at the top of the masthead—along with Peter Matthiessen, the fiction editor, George Plimpton, who had arrived from Cambridge University at the invitation of Matthiessen to be the Editor and assume the active responsibility for the magazine, William Pène du Bois, the art editor, and Donald Hall, the poetry editor.

Humes remained at that level until the fourth number of the when still having done little discernible for the magazine he was shifted once again and designated an advisory editor—this time without visible rancor on his part, or stamping of inkpads.

From Elbert Hubbard’s essay in the March 1899 issue of The Philistine.

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(Barrère, CDS)a brothel where a hidden panel is used by an associate of the prostitute to enter the room and steal from her customer while he is distracted; more generally, any place where a fraud or theft is committed with the offer of sex for money as the lurea saloon that has added a minimum number of hotel rooms so as to circumvent the restrictions of New York State’s Raines Law, a law meant to limit the consumption of alcohol.

That first summer of 1953 he applied to Harvard as a graduate student and was accepted.

Archibald Mac Leish took him into his English writing course. Those who put out the first issue of the magazine that summer in Paris took umbrage at Humes’s concept of his duties as managing editor.

But before he left the meeting, bags would be switched and he would arrive home with a satchel of expression of disbelief, along with mild contempt; in this phrase emphasis is laid on “should.” It comes from such expressions as “Well, I should think!

” which are often left incomplete, but which when completed would be “that he ought to be ashamed,” or “that people would know better,” etc.

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