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url=search-alias=stripbooks&field-keywords=james john A Knock At The Door Wayne D.Bisek A Lifetime Ago: Before the Death of Childhood Jeremy J. A Family’s Intimate Journey to the Other Side of Breast Cancer Nancy Robinson; A Mango for the Teacher Deborah Frisch “,,” A Paper Route Is Good for the Soul Riley B.Grote for Dinner: Greece at War and a Family’s Dreams of America Sam Stamatis and Peter Stamatis of the Drunk at the Bar Michelle O’Neil leaves from the journal of a soul “DAVID A. George Deployment Diaries: One Year of Holding Down the Fort Krista Graham Distilling Rose Cynthia Lipton “Dodging Machetes: How I Survived Forbidden Love, Bad Behavior, and the Peace Corps in Fiji” Will Lutwick Thomas Side Dorothy’s Diary Joan Orton “Driven-To Restore What Was Lost, To Achieve My Dreams” Andras Petery not given Dump the Putz! Lee Cowan “Exotic Life: Laughing Rivers, Dancing Drums and Tangled Hearts” Lisa Alpine Education Frank Palacio of Truth, A Collection of Historical Biographies” Douglas and Norma Latta And Me: A Small Girls in the Great Depression Doris Goran Newman; Fever Regine Dubono Final Drive Shelly Hess “,” “Finding Dallas, A Spiritual Journey through Childhood Abuse to the Glory of God’s Plan” Dallas Teague Snider Gloria Marianne Curtis Finding the Peace Janie Pfeifer Watson Fishing on Facebook: A Writing Yoga Memoir Suza Francina of Remembrance: A World War II Memoir of Love and Survival Marina Dutzmann Kirsch in the Marching Band Gwen Simon Gain “Incomplete Passes: Reflections on Life, Love, and Football” Linda Lange Janice Kiefer and Debbie Obradovich Iron Grip Willma Willis Gore It Was Fun – Some Thoughts For Parents of Youth Sports Gary C. ONE DAY YOU’LL FLY FAR, FAR AWAY” MIRA HALL It’s Only A Badge Phil Ribera Jermel’s Raison D’etre Jermel Arcilicia Taylor – Hope and Strength in the Face of Life’s Greatest Adversities Gabe Murfitt with Gigi Devine Murfitt ” Kay Grafe “amazon, Face Book” “Oh, Mama” Janet W.s=books&ie UTI Flying Lessons: One Woman’s Story Sherry Knight Rossiter Redmann not given he New Immigrants: American Success Stories Anne Snowden Crosman Healer Evolving Suer Irvine Are the Pictures You Wanted and the Stories that Illustrate Them T. Bradshaw History of a Pipe Dream Susan Miller History of a Pipe Hollow…When Everything That Means Anything is Taken Away Lynette Jackson Home Away From Home Nghiep D. Nick “How I Lost My Uterus and Found My Voice: A Memoir of Love, Hope, and Empowerment” Michelle L Whitlock “John Emerson Roberts: Kansas City’s “”Up-to-date”” Freethought Preacher” Ellen Roberts Young to the Baobab Tree Krys Latham Just do it! Gabes My Paranormal Diaries Deborah Cihon com/dcihon/myparanormaldiaries My Romance with My Segundo Barrio Edmundo Lopez My Saints Alive John P. Watkins Oklahoma Tumbleweeds Marsha Schemmer Blake “Old Men, Pregnant Women, Little Children and Beautiful White Horses” Corinne Martin Ricot The Other Side Of The Fence Gisela Greitzer One Allied Sailor C. Lindsay “,” One Foot In The Grave Don Addor “,” Only In America Emilia Zecchino Celebrity Obsession Diane Saks bookstore.iuniverse;; Pebbles in the Pond: Transforming the World One Person at a Time Christine Kloser Joe Millard Whistling Woman CC Tillery Will to Live: A Saga of Survival Gary Edinger “Yes, my love muffin” Tami Jo Riedeman You’ll See Jesus On My Face Riley B.October 2018Daniel Stewart, a captain in the Oklahoma City Police Department and Class of 2016 Scholar of NIJ’s Law Enforcement Advancing Data and Science (LEADS) Program, discusses research he has conducted on investigator caseloads as commander of a property crimes unit with his police department.Gervais Blacklisted from the PTA Lela Davidson amazon Blossoming out of the Valley Abby Lewis Collar Buddha Paul A Streitz Hines: National Wildlife Artist John D. Leon Doyle Your Shoes, Live Your Greatest Life” Kathy Andersen “,,” Changing Sides on Both Sides of the Border Ottis Layne “Charlie Russell, The Cowboy Years” Jane Lambert Chasing Love: A Mother’s Journal Elinor Rogosin CHASING THE EAGLE: From Dreaming To Achieving Success & Freedom James J.Juriga Bodyguard To The Stars Fred Campbell Boots on The Ground With Music in My Hands Al Gould with the Pope Susan Vigilante The Blue Wall Justin Hopson Buckley’s Story: Lessons from a Feline Master Teacher Ingrid King The Light Of The Silvery Moon Anonymous https:// Calling All Mothers Thop Brown Canal Zone Daughter: An American Childhood in Panama Judy Haisten E. Williams Yvonne Koenders “Choices, Lemons or Chocolate” Susan Flam Christmas Memoirs: A Family Treasury Lisa Bargeman Circle of Service: Secretary of the Air Force Michael W. Bessette “,” Civil Rights Journey Joseph Howell amazon/ authorhouse/barnesandnoble Clamcake Summer: One Man Eats Every Clamcake in Rhode Island (Or Dies Frying) David Norton Stone Clothing Memoirs of a Wannabe Cowgirl Donna Harlan i Coast To Coast With A Cat And A Ghost Judy Howard The Legacy of the Blackbird Mine Russell Steele Cops Can’t Cry William Barrons Cowboy Heroes of the Southwest Jim Olson Create Your Own Fate Elaine Northrop Crooked Little Birdhouse: Random Thoughts on Being Human Patrick Caneday the Borderline Jennifer Khoh Cry Rape Dorine Claire Walters Cutting A Bond with the Long Trail Dorothy Clare Green Daddin’: The Verb of Being a Dad Dion Mc Innis in Heaven – a sister’s memoir Christine M. Learning to Dress Myself from the Inside Out Mary Elizabeth Moloney “Empress Menen Asfaw, The Mother of the Ethiopian Nation” Anjahli Parnell End the Silence Dorothy Read and Ilse Evelijn Veere Smit “Except for All the Snakes, I Just Love It Out Here: The News from Stone County Arkansas” L. Koplen No Poverty Between The Sheets Pauline Kiely No Sex in St. Cantwell “Now It’s Funny: How I Survived Cancer, Divorce and Other Looming Disasters” Michael Solomon My Gosh, Virginia!

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Andrews The Ball Park Boys Shade Jones bookstore.The Best of Inapark Productions sarah bertrand inaparkproductions.The Best Worst Thing Kristen K. Kristen The Black Prince Robby Robinson Book Of Chuck Gene Luetkemeyer The Boy From Bothell Bipolar * Vietnam Veteran Gene Olson Burly Man (Even in darkness there is a light) Zachary E.He also speaks about the impact of the LEADS program and network on his research and professional career.October 2018Joshua Young, a retired corporal of the Ventura Police Department in California and Class of 2015 Scholar of NIJ’s Law Enforcement Advancing Data and Science (LEADS) Program, discusses the American Society of Evidence-Based Policing, which encourages the use of data and research to inform policing.Mc Gee; Wagging Tales Dorts Stafford Walkout Henry C Woodrum Lt. USAF (RET) Walkout1944“Warm Light, Cool Shadows: The Life and Art of Ruth Van Sickle Ford” Nancy Smith Hopp Water To My Soul: The Story of Eliza Lucas Pickney Pamela Bauer Mueller Smoked Our Sister: Stories Fram A Childhood Carlotta Maria Shinn-Russell “,” We Wait You Taryn R. Russell Whatever Happened to the Pont Du Gard Jacqueline Carpenter “When the Body Says No: A Learn, Laugh, Love Story” Tracy A Todd the music changes…so does the dance.Hutchinson www/; What Happens Next? Margaret Gerada When the Personal was Political: 5 Women Doctors Look Back Toni Martin Where Children Run Karen Emilson Did All the Cowboys Go?

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