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Roads and streets: S Braeswood Blvd; N Braeswood Blvd; Buffalo Speedway; Stella Link Rd; Bellefontaine St; Linkwood Dr; Underwood St; Aberdeen Way; Bluebonnet Blvd; Merrick St; Drummond St; Grennoch Ln; Tartan Ln; Durness Way; Glen Haven Blvd; Broadmead Dr; Academy St; Dumbarton St; Gramercy St; Murworth Dr; Edloe St; Timberside Dr; Braes Blvd; Glen Arbor Dr; Woodvalley Dr; Maroneal St; Kirby Dr; Sewanee St; Turnberry Cir (Turnberry Ln); Bevlyn Dr; Elmridge St; Durhill St; Sun Valley Dr; Greenbush St; Brompton St (Brompton Rd); Linkmeadow Ln; Deal St; Latma Dr; Breakwood Dr; Fairhope St; Norris Dr; Ilona Ln; Lorrie Dr; Bellaire Blvd; Westridge; Meyerwood Dr; Prescott St; Cloverdale St; Stanton St; Marlive Ln; Conway St; Leeshire Dr; Mischire Dr; Martinshire Dr; Lanark Ln; Castlewood St; Greenwillow St (Greenwillow Dr); Falkirk Ln; Levonshire Dr; Bassoon Dr; Cliffwood Dr; Glenshire St (Glenshire Dr); Gannett St; Fordshire Dr; Kapri Ln; Bluegate St; Linkview Dr; Hatton St; Lakeland Dr; Timberside Circle Dr; Bradford St; Winslow St; Seuss Dr; Gramercy; Tilden St; Mariposa St; Newshire Dr; Linkpass Ln; Braesmain Dr; Linkterrace Ln; Riddlewood Ln; Rochdale St; Chriswell St; Linklea Dr; Kilmarnock Dr; Prestwick (Prestwick St); Ashwood St; Pemberton Circle Dr; Chatfield St; Bluegate Ct; S Pemberton Circle Dr; N Pemberton Circle Dr; Gairloch Ln; Wakeforest St; Solway Ln; Oakwood; Lookout Ct; Blue Bonnet Blvd; Linkfair Ln; W Glen Haven Blvd; Woodmeadow St; Brompton Square Dr; Fairhope Pl; E Glen Haven Blvd; Denbury Way; Silver Lake; Academy Ave (Academy St); Stonehouse Ln; Silver Spring Ln (Silver Springs Dr); S Glen Haven Blvd; E Pemberton Circle Dr; W Pemberton Circle Dr; Cliffwood Ct; Latma Ct; Greenwillow St (Greenwillow Ct); Center Ave (Sewanee St); Westchester St; Link Ct. Roads and streets: Briar Forest Dr; Olympia Dr; Wilcrest Dr; S Kirkwood Rd; S Dairy Ashford Rd (S Dairy Ashford St); Walnut Bend Ln; Holly Springs Dr; Briarpark Dr; Chevy Chase Dr; Lakeside Estates Dr; Hayes Rd; Piping Rock Ln; Blue Willow Dr; Briarbrook Dr; del Monte Dr; Westmere Dr; Candlewood Dr; Meadow Lake Ln; Overbrook Ln (Overbrook Dr); Cedar Creek Dr; Inwood Dr; Wickersham Ln; Ella Lee Ln; Ashford Pkwy; Waldemar Dr; Burgoyne Rd; Overbrook Ln; Whittington Dr; Seagler Rd; Woodland Park Dr; Riverview Way Dr; Valley Forge Dr; Carriage Hill Dr; Sugar Hill Dr; Ella Lee Dr (Ella Lee Ln); Burgoyne Dr; Rocky Knoll Dr; Honeywood Trl; Southlake Dr; Shannon Valley Dr; Longmont Dr; Woodland Springs St; Briar Rose Dr; Lakeside Place Dr; Round Lake Dr; Ashford Hollow Ln; Meadow Lake Ln (Meadow Lake Dr); Cranbrook Rd; Nova Dr; Riverview Way (Riverview Way Dr, Riverview Dr); Lynbrook Dr; Citywest Blvd; Highgrove Dr; Warwickshire Dr; Piping Rock Dr; Cherry Bend Dr; Bordley Dr; Wedgehill Ln; Briar Dr; Lakeside Forest Ln; Green Tree Rd; Briar Hill Dr; Attlee Dr; Pine Forest Rd; Deerwood Rd; Tupper Lake Dr; Shadowbriar Dr; Westella Dr; Heathwood Dr; Crystal Hills Dr; Shady River Dr; Eagle Falls Dr (Eagle Falls St); Cedar Pass Dr; Riverview Way; Crestbend Dr; Sugar Springs Dr; FM 1093 (Westheimer Rd); Prairie Grove Dr; Willow Lake Dr; Gray Falls Dr; Sandy Spring Rd; E Rivercrest Dr; Wood Lodge Dr; Prairie Mark Ln; Bayou Glen Rd; Bentworth Dr; Maple Rock Dr; Pebble Rock Dr; E Brooklake Dr; Deep Spring Ln; Stoneford Dr; Shepherds Ridge Dr; Village Place Dr; Big Hollow Ln; Mossy Stone Dr; Stafford Springs Dr; Harvest Moon Ln; Hickory Lawn Dr; Westerley Ln; Cherryknoll Dr; Cove Creek Ln; Gladewick Dr; Crescent Park Dr; W Brooklake Dr; Lashbrook Dr; Brandywyne Dr; Rincon Dr; Russett Dr; City Way; Valley Vista Dr; Beaujolais Ln; Chardonnay Dr; Tallulah Ln; Briar Branch Dr; W Rivercrest Dr; Fall Valley Dr; Long Pine Dr; Bayou Island Dr; Doliver Dr; Trailmont Dr; Summerdale Dr (Summerdale St); Bayou Cove Ct; Locke Ln; Cityplace Dr; Francoise Blvd; Lynbrook Hollow St; E Vistawood Dr; Shadybriar Dr; Ashgrove Dr; Glen Knoll Dr; W Vistawood Dr; Oxtail; Boardwalk St; Night Star Ln; Silver Sage Dr; Almond Grove Dr; Berrywood Ln; Drexel Hill Dr; Brecon Hall Dr; Castle Ridge Dr; Lakeside Park Dr; Manor Park Dr; Hazelwood Ln; Crestbend Ct; Cranbrook Dr (Tupper Lake Dr); Blackstone Ct; Holly Point Dr; Kinbrook Dr; Trixie Ln; Lanny Ln; Courtney Lane Dr (Courtney Dr); Briar River Dr; Twin Circle Dr; Rogerdale Rd; Chase Lake Dr; Haven Lock Dr; Cherry Knoll Dr; Forked Bough Dr; Rushbrook Dr; Ravenmoor Dr; Park Haven Dr; Beechbend Dr; Manor Green Dr; Holly Creek Rd; Popular Creek Dr; Shadow View Ln; Lakecliff Dr; Spruce Hill Dr; Aspen Grove Dr; Drexelbrook Dr; Devon Glen Dr; Firehill Dr; Fieldbrook Dr; Clearfork Dr; Rocky Bend Dr; Holly River Dr; Holly Knoll Dr (Holly Knoll St); Bittercreek Dr; Hunters Trce; Berryfield Dr; Field Brook Dr; Chapelle Ct; Mardel Ct; Nova Ct (Nova Dr); Elm Estates Dr; Julie Ln; Spanish Moss Ln; Ashmead Dr; Highland Springs Dr; Ambergate Dr; Drakemill Dr; Kent Oak Dr; Lakeside Oaks Dr; Leclerc Ln; Park Rose Dr; Dodd Ln; Cherry Ridge Dr; Bradmore Dr; Villmont Ln; Wilston Ct; Ivy Glen Dr; Chatburn Dr; Keatley Dr; Valley Glen Dr; Tallulah Ct; Almond Grove Ct; Heathwood Ct; Brook Spring Dr; Triple Oak Ct; Riverview Cir; W Brooklake Ct; Riverview Ct; Village Green Ct; Big Lake Dr; Valley Vista Ct; Ashurst Dr; Lakeside Valley Dr; Warwickshire Ct; Cedar Creek Ct; Eagle Falls Ct; Harbor Oaks Dr; Vistawood Ct; Cedar Pass Ct; Westmere Ct; Pebble Rock Ct; Glen Knoll Ct. Briar Forest neighborhood detailed profile Most popular occupations of males: service occupations (18.8%); sales and office occupations (17.6%); management occupations (except farmers) (10.4%); computer and mathematical occupations (8.8%); transportation occupations (6.5%); production occupations (5.5%); business and financial operations occupations (5.2%)Most popular occupations of females: sales and office occupations (31.7%); service occupations (29.9%); management occupations (except farmers) (10.5%); business and financial operations occupations (7.3%); healthcare practitioners and technical occupations (5.6%); computer and mathematical occupations (3.7%); education, training, and library occupations (2.8%)Highways in this neighborhood: US Hwy 59 (Southwest Fwy); US Hwy 59 (59-Hov). Clear Lake neighborhood detailed profile Most popular occupations of males: production occupations (23.1%); construction, extraction, and maintenance occupations (20.1%); service occupations (15.6%); sales and office occupations (9.4%); material moving occupations (7.3%); transportation occupations (3.4%); business and financial operations occupations (2.6%)Most popular occupations of females: sales and office occupations (32.5%); service occupations (23.3%); education, training, and library occupations (11.6%); production occupations (9.9%); management occupations (except farmers) (9.0%); legal occupations (5.1%); transportation occupations (3.2%)Limited-access highways (interstate or state) in this neighborhood: I- 610 (E Loop Fwy).

Roads and streets: Westheimer Rd (FM 1093); Richmond Ave; Beverlyhill St; Westpark Dr; Fairdale Ln; Windswept Ln; Pagewood Ln; S Gessner Rd; Skyline Dr; Tanglewilde St; Stoney Brook Dr (Stoneybrook Dr); Winsome Ln; Fondren Rd; Highmeadow Dr; Meadowcroft Dr; Woodway Dr; Schumacher Ln; Meadowglen Ln; Val Verde St; Jeanetta St; Meadowbriar Ln; Crossview Dr; Dunvale Rd; Hillcroft St (Hillcroft Ave); Meadowvale Dr; Westerland Dr; Fountain View Dr; Ann Arbor Dr; Chimney Rock Rd; Daffodil; Lipan Rd; Unity Dr; Freshmeadows Dr; Bering Dr; Westglen Dr; W Shady Ln; Rockyridge Dr; Ocee St; Ella Lee Ln; Amanda Ln; Star Ln; Dolores St; Briar Forest Dr; Clarkcrest St; Greenridge Dr; Judalon Ln; Buttercup St; Longmont; Burgoyne Rd; W Greenridge Dr; E Greenridge Dr; Doliver Dr; Antelope Dr (Antelope St); del Monte Dr; Barrington Rd; Locke Ln; Briargrove Dr; Bellflower St; E Shady Ln; Park West Dr; Old Farm Rd; Ace St; Longmont Dr; Lazy Hollow Dr; Ade St; Jarvis St; Wood Lake Ln; Arc St; Chevy Chase Dr; Rockarbor Dr; Artdale St; Rolido Dr; Waldo St; Bayou Brook St; Briarhurst Dr; Meadowland Dr; Olympia Dr; Rasmus Dr; Meadowlake Ln; Monsey Dr; Chris Dr; Westholme Dr; Armstrong; Lincrest Ln; Stoney Brook Dr; Osage St; Braxton Dr; Hartsdale Dr; Westpark Dr (Drew St); Fulham Ct; Bayou Pointe Dr; Amberly Ct; Hullsmith Dr; Fairhill Dr; Rouge Cir; Briarhurst Park; Inwood Dr; Kingsville St; Topaz St; Gabriel St; Cheer St; Tanglewilde Ave; Avalon Way; Locke Lee Ln; Bayou Brook; Longfield Cir; Pinefield Ln; Blanco St; Richmond - Rosenberg Rd; Overbrook Ln; Kingsville; Piping Rock Ln; Wickersham Ln; Lonzo St; Small Leaf Cir; Avalon Ter. Briar Meadow neighborhood detailed profile Most popular occupations of males: service occupations (19.3%); construction, extraction, and maintenance occupations (16.0%); sales and office occupations (15.0%); transportation occupations (11.3%); production occupations (8.8%); material moving occupations (6.0%); management occupations (except farmers) (4.7%)Most popular occupations of females: sales and office occupations (34.0%); service occupations (30.8%); education, training, and library occupations (9.7%); healthcare practitioners and technical occupations (7.0%); management occupations (except farmers) (5.3%); production occupations (4.2%); business and financial operations occupations (3.7%)Highways in this neighborhood: South Fwy (State Hwy 288); Sam Houston Pkwy (State Loop 8, Beltway 8). Central Southwest neighborhood detailed profile Most popular occupations of males: service occupations (16.5%); sales and office occupations (14.9%); management occupations (except farmers) (10.3%); architecture and engineering occupations (9.8%); construction, extraction, and maintenance occupations (8.3%); production occupations (7.0%); transportation occupations (6.8%)Most popular occupations of females: sales and office occupations (34.1%); service occupations (21.6%); healthcare practitioners and technical occupations (8.8%); management occupations (except farmers) (8.1%); education, training, and library occupations (7.7%); business and financial operations occupations (6.2%); arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media occupations (3.5%)Limited-access highways (interstate or state) in this neighborhood: Gulf Fwy (I- 45). Roads and streets: Fidelity St; Mississippi St; Clinton Dr; Maxine St; Clinton Park St; North Carolina St; Rhode Island St; Owens St; Calloway St; de Haven St; Pennsylvania St; Bolden St; Midway Blvd (Midway St); Turning Basin Dr; Georgia St; Defender St; Tite St; Teal St; Armstrong St; Fillmore St; Cargill St; Stedman St; Borden St; Gans St; Sol St; Lanewell St; Connecticut St; Veyblum St; Signet St; Cartersville St; Turnbow St; Nedwald St; Bucroft St; Pelsey St; Industrial Dr (Industrial Rd); Delaware St; Racine St; Zachary St; Bennett St; Mimbrough St; Kerr St; Tennessee St; Masterson St; Tuffly St; Clearwater St; New Mexico St; Richcroft St; Garcroft St; Plummer St; Yuma St; New Hampshire St; Mascot St; Defender; Massachusetts St; Harcroft St (Harris St); Hunter. Clinton Park neighborhood detailed profile Most popular occupations of males: management occupations (except farmers) (26.7%); sales and office occupations (19.8%); business and financial operations occupations (8.1%); architecture and engineering occupations (6.0%); computer and mathematical occupations (5.7%); life, physical, and social science occupations (5.4%); production occupations (5.1%)Most popular occupations of females: sales and office occupations (26.1%); education, training, and library occupations (19.0%); service occupations (13.3%); management occupations (except farmers) (12.3%); business and financial operations occupations (8.3%); healthcare practitioners and technical occupations (7.5%); arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media occupations (2.9%)Highways in this neighborhood: College Park Dr (State Hwy 242).

Roads and streets: Polk St; Mc Kinney St; Walker St; Clay St; Rusk St; Bell St; Leeland St; Jefferson St; Pease St; Telephone Rd; Dumble St; S Lockwood Dr; Park Dr; Cullen Blvd; Milby St; Coyle St; Sampson St; Ernestine St; Sidney St; Munger St; Lombardy St; Eastwood St; Scott St; Elliott St; Leeland Ave (Leeland St); Dallas St; Henninger St; Hussion St; Scharpe St; Lamar St; Roberts St; N Capitol St; Lawson St; Woodside St; Capitol St; Eddington St; Edmundson St; Baird St; Godwin St; Velasco St; Pearson St; Collier St; Broadmoor St; Woodleigh St; York St; Denver St; Lindsay St; Fourcade St; Miller St; Altic St; St Joseph St (Saint Joseph St); Claremont St; Mable St; Gustav St; Fashion St; Harby St; Capitol; Wesley St; S Capitol St; Mulford St; Oakhurst St; Tharp Ave; Elliston St; Stimson St; Delmar St; Diez St; Hicksfield; Curtin St; Edgewood St; Lenox St; Monroe St; Calhoun-Pease; Texas St (Texas Ave); Eastwood Tc One Dr; Maplewood Ln; Oakland St; Jefferson; Ingeborg St; St Augustine; Wyatt St; Tharp St; Stonewall Dr; Keating St; Dallas Ave (Dallas St); Winchester; Napoleon St; Weaver Ave (Weaver St); Hauser St; Tomwood; Athens Dr; Marlin St; Lansing St; Lawndale St; Gulf Frwy Svc Rd (State Hwy 35); Mc Cormick St; Elm St; Eastwood Tc Two Dr; Fashion; Mc Kinney St; Ernestine; Eastwood Tc Three Dr; Lombardy; Hillman St; Clay; Trinidad St; Lockwood Dr; Lombardy Dr; Lamar; Hutcheson St; Mc Kinney St (Mc Kinney Ave); Wesley; Eastwood Tc Five Dr.

Railroad features: Houston Belt and Terminal Rlwy; Union Pacific RR; Southern Pacific RR; at and Sf Rlwy.

Roads and streets: College Square Dr; Schoettle Rd; Driveway Dr; Koenig Ln; Lake Windsor Cir; Pine Acres Dr; E Northcastle Cir; Robindale Cir; Windsor Hills Dr; W Northcastle Cir; Pine Acres Rd; Brass Nail Rd; W Lilac Ridge Pl; Johnson-Martin Rd; W Lilac Ridge Ct; Charter Club Dr (Goldenberry Dr); Golden Berry Dr; W Windsor Hills Cir; E Windsor Hills Cir; Victoria Glen Dr; Wilmington Way; E Royal Mews; Veranda View Pl; Surrey Run Pl; Paddington Way; Bendrook Loop; Charter Club Dr; Carriage House Way; S Bendrook Loop; Sovereign Way; Lilac Ridge Pl; Wrenfield Pl; Country Gate Cir; N Bendrook Loop; Arcadia Way; Meadowhawk Pl; Sandingham Way; N Country Gate Cir; London Green; Barkley Park Ct; Bloomsbury Ct; Northcastle Ct; Edinburgh Ct; Claridge Oak Ct; Shannon Green Ct; Windsor Lakes Dr. College Park neighborhood detailed profile Most popular occupations of males: sales and office occupations (22.0%); management occupations (except farmers) (19.0%); legal occupations (18.6%); life, physical, and social science occupations (7.7%); business and financial operations occupations (6.7%); transportation occupations (6.7%); healthcare practitioners and technical occupations (6.5%)Most popular occupations of females: healthcare practitioners and technical occupations (24.7%); sales and office occupations (20.3%); business and financial operations occupations (11.2%); legal occupations (8.3%); management occupations (except farmers) (7.5%); education, training, and library occupations (7.3%); architecture and engineering occupations (6.5%)Roads and streets: Academy St; Weslayan St; W Point St; Community Dr; Amherst St; Marquette St; Byron St; Coleridge St; Bellaire Blvd; Swarthmore St; Rice Blvd; Villanova St; Milton St; University Blvd; Southwestern St; Tennyson St; Ruskin St; Case St; Oberlin St; Riley St; Bissonnet St; Fairhaven St; Marlowe St; Cason St; Browning St; Arnold St; Jane Austen St; Spelman St. Colonial Terrace neighborhood detailed profile Most popular occupations of males: service occupations (25.0%); production occupations (22.6%); sales and office occupations (11.8%); construction, extraction, and maintenance occupations (10.7%); transportation occupations (5.0%); computer and mathematical occupations (3.8%); education, training, and library occupations (2.7%)Most popular occupations of females: sales and office occupations (39.5%); service occupations (31.0%); education, training, and library occupations (9.6%); production occupations (8.5%); healthcare practitioners and technical occupations (6.3%); management occupations (except farmers) (5.0%); business and financial operations occupations (3.3%)Roads and streets: Kuykendahl Rd; Gosling Rd; Root Rd; Northcrest Dr; Wagon Rd; Indian Hills Rd; Creek Wood Dr (Creekwood Dr); Creekview Dr; Pine Cone Ranch Rd; Coventry Blvd; Wellington Court Blvd; Lenze Rd; Bayonne Dr; W Rayford Rd; Darby Way; Inway Dr; Willowcreek Stables Rd; Augusta Pines Dr; Pine Knot Rd; Elmgrove Rd; Glenhill Dr; Craigway Rd; Haverford Rd; Hampton Oaks Dr; Dovershire; Allentown Dr; Hickory Crest Dr; London Town Dr; Northampton Forest Dr; Timbercrest Village Dr; Fawnwood Dr; London Town Pl; Larkmount Dr; Woodsong Ln; Northway Dr; Greshams Rd; Butterwick Dr; Black Forest Dr; Levi Rd; Alderley Dr; Giltspur Way; Cinnamon Run; Knollview Dr; Danehill Dr; Ginger Dr; Jadecrest; Northampton Pines Dr; Pinecrest Dr; Rolling Oaks Dr; Trembling Oaks Dr; Augusta Pines Pkwy W; Baywick Dr; Forestcrest Dr; Hideaway Lake Cir; Stonehaven Dr; Metzler Creek Dr; London Way Dr; Barmby Dr; Casa del Sol; Norchester Way; Post Bridge Rd; Bovington Dr; Elmfield Dr; Wooded Way Dr; Sands Terrace Ln; Pampas St; Red Oak Dr; Deer Trail Dr; Oak Castle Dr; Stonesfield Pl; Aughton Dr; Drybrook Rd; Dover House Way; Hampton Forest Ln; Willow Switch Rd; Rolling Oaks Dr S; Meadowtrace Dr; Burgh Castle Dr; Hennessy Ln; Fox Run St; Rolling Oaks Dr N; Painton Ln; Creewood; Standing Oak Dr; Falling Oaks St; Shalford Dr; Nicholforest Ln; Overcup Dr; Brick Hill Dr (Brickhill Dr); Kennington Way; Razorback Dr; Kyren Ln; Course View Ln; Kingscrest Ln; Cow Oak Dr; Collingtree Dr; Dowdell Rd; Twin Oaks Dr; Kingsdown Dr; Sussex Ct; Ward Ln; N Oak Forest Ln (Northoak Forest Ln); Butler Oaks Ct; E Kingscrest Cir; Longstone Rd; Pin Oak Dr; Hampton Way Ct; Sugar Leaf Trl; Jadecrest Ct; W Kingscrest Cir; Squirecrest Dr; Willow Crest Ct; Lakeview; Falling Oak Dr; Hawn Rd; Elberry Rd; Charrington Dr; Elmley Pl; Barronton Dr; Morning Crest Ct; Dowcrest Dr; Etchstone Dr; Kirston Dr; Piney Bend Ct; Amwell Rd; Belle Vernon Dr; Aspen Cir; Elmwood Ct; Beufort Way; Ambercrest Dr; Ammick Ct; Youpon Ln; Amersham Ct; Bridgeway (Bridge Way); Taylor Way; Calumet; Masters Trace Ln; Still Meadow St; Northampton Terrace Dr; Hampton Ct; Berry Ln; Squires Ct; Pine Ln; Rettendon Ct; Inway Oaks Dr; Clara Ct; Inway Trails Dr; Stratmor Ct; Hedgeton Ct; Haughton Ct; Long Iron Ct; Barmby Ct; Pampas St (Pampas Dr); Ashwell Ct; Canston Ct; Briarhorn Dr; Haughton Dr; Reddleston Ct; Aughton Ct; Abbey Ct; Shalford Ct; Arbroath Ct; Dover Way; Langley Rd; Courseview Ct; Ambercrest Ct; Lazy Ln; Crossen Ln; Malac Rd; Fairidge Ct; Hildebrandt Rd; Steeple Canyon Rd; Timber Nook Ct; Brickhill Rd; W Manor Cir; Larmount. Other features: Willow Crk; Lazy Strm; Hughes Gully Willow Crk; Cannon Gully Willow Crk; Spring Crk. Cunningham Terrace neighborhood detailed profile Most popular occupations of males: construction, extraction, and maintenance occupations (23.6%); service occupations (13.4%); transportation occupations (13.2%); production occupations (11.0%); material moving occupations (9.7%); sales and office occupations (6.5%); management occupations (except farmers) (4.0%)Most popular occupations of females: sales and office occupations (36.9%); service occupations (20.7%); production occupations (11.7%); transportation occupations (8.4%); management occupations (except farmers) (8.1%); material moving occupations (4.1%); healthcare practitioners and technical occupations (3.8%)Highways in this neighborhood: US Hwy 90 (Mc Carty St, US Hwy 90U Bus); US Hwy 90 (US Hwy 90U Bus, Beaumont Hwy).

Railroad features: Houston Belt and Terminal Rlwy; Southern Pacific RR; Port Terminal RR; Union Pacific RR.

Other features: Brays Byu; Plum Crk; Country Club Byu; Ingraham Gully; Buffalo Byu.

Roads and streets: W Orem Dr; Almeda Rd (FM 521); Tidewater Dr; Hiram Clarke Rd; S Post Oak Rd; Holmes Rd; W Fuqua St; Anderson Rd; Brookfield Dr; Simsbrook Dr; Knotty Oaks Trl; Grapevine St; Sam Houston Pkwy (State Loop 8); Tiffany Dr; Heatherbrook Dr; Feldman St (Reed Rd); Fellows Rd; White Heather Dr; Almeda-Genoa Rd; Waterloo Dr; Darlinghurst Dr; Trail Lake Ln (Trail Lake Dr); Brookston St; Wuthering Heights Dr; Danfield Dr; Heatherbloom Dr; Buxley St; W Airport Blvd; Dalmatian Dr; Player St; Main St; Mowery Rd; Dragonwick Dr; E Anderson Rd; Buffalo Speedway; Ingomar Way; Woodmont Dr; Ebbtide Dr; Ambrose St; Bathurst Dr; Prudence Dr; Jorns St; Townwood Dr; Markwood Ln; Allum Rd; Trafalgar Dr; Ripplebrook Dr; Beran Dr; Newquay St; Quention Dr; Kelling St; Bellfort St; Mc Grath Rd; Hooper Rd; Almeda School Rd; del Papa St; Anagnost Rd; Lew Briggs Rd; Croquet Ln (Croquet St); Regg Dr; Airport Blvd; Bridgeport Rd; Stancliff St; Loma Linda St; Oakham St; Gallagher Dr; Candleshade Ln; River Bluff Dr; Karalis Rd; Chiswick Rd; Fannin St; Brownstone Ln; Loma Vista St; Westhampton Dr; Vandalia Way; Gatewood St (Gatewood Ave); Caradine St; Drakestone Blvd; Curly Oaks Dr; Whitton Dr; Brookmeade Dr; Campden Hill Rd; Wickview Ln; Almeda Plaza Dr; Fleetwell Dr; Monarch Rd; High Point Ln; Rosebud Dr; Knottynold Ln; N Holmes Rd; Oakside Dr; Broadhurst Dr; Landmark; Smooth Oak Ln; Sheringham St; Boynton Dr; Regency Dr; Pinacle Pt; Labrador Dr; Nitida St; Goulburn Dr; Clover Ln; Alrover St; Lotus St; Robin Blvd; Lotus Dr (Lotus St); Tadlock Ln; Wrigley St; Overcross Dr; Glenridge Ln; Rockwell Blvd; Sunrose Ln; Summit Ridge Dr; Parcel Three; Foxshire Ln; Rockrill Dr; Warkworth Dr; Monticello Dr; Windy Royal Dr; Park Manor St; Uptown Dr; Bridlington St; Rockby Dr; Polo St; Amelia Dr; Glenwyck Dr (Glenwyck St); Southfield Dr; Mandalay Way; Cloverbrook Dr; Rocky Springs Trl; Burdine St; Sunshadow Dr; Canterwell Rd; Catina Ln; Alkay St; Elaine Rd; Heathercrest Dr (Heathercrest St); Willomine Way; Anderson Oaks St; Insley St; Belgrade Dr; Almeece St; Mc Kinstry Blvd; Northumb Rd; Oban St; Taintor St; Brent Dr; E Almeda Rd; Altair Way; Gatewood Ct; Schurmier Rd; Majesty Ln; Delbury St; Coachcreek Dr (Wood River Dr); Santa Teresa Rd; Lost Thicket Dr; Silver Bell St; Lawnhaven Dr; Carved Rock Dr; Gemini Ave; Wickbriar Dr; Worrell Dr; Bandell Dr; James Pl; Verdant Brook Dr; Norshire St; Caribe Ln; Betty Sue Ln; Edwina Blvd; Paddington St; Abide Dr; Brooklawn Dr; Elmfield St; Chimney Rock Rd; Littleford St; Nuwood Ln; Big Sandy; Cheryl Lynne Ln; Glenn Ricki Dr; Kylewick Dr; Melcher Dr; Castlereagh Dr; Canterville Rd; Vernage Rd; Glen Rio St; Golden Brook Dr; Canterview Dr; Rosecrest Dr; Palmcrest St; Nelson St; Town Plaza Dr; Remus Dr; O Hara Dr; Broken Bridge Dr; Loma Linda St (Loma Linda Ave); Gardengrove Ave; Lightstar Dr; Misty Bluff Dr; Pinebrook Ln; Canterlane Dr; Greenwick Ln; Loma Linda; Jethro St; Carrie St; S Petro Ln; Wickley Dr; Brenford Dr; Dream Ct; Ambrose; Bayswater Dr; Woodkerr St; Janbar Rd; Macridge Blvd; Wickgate Dr; Frosty Brook Dr; Gumas St; Westward Trl; Bayberry Dr; Amble Ln; Kirkgard Dr; Oak Mantle Dr; Mesa Village Dr; Jewel Meadow Dr; Long Look Dr; Monrad Dr; Faraday Dr; Lockway Dr; Canterdale St; Orach Meadow Ln; Summertime Dr; Keely St; India St; N Greenwick Loop; Ohio; Adler Dr; S Greenwick Loop; Nat Turner Dr (Nat Turner Way); Rocky Bluff Dr; Essendine Ln; Draycott Ln; Inkberry Valley Ln; Woodspire Dr; Miracle Ln; Knight Rd; Arai (Ward St); E Greenwick Loop; Little; Kildare Dr; Zenith St; Glenridge Ct; Goldfarb; W Greenwick Loop; Commercial Ln; Titus Pt; Van Meter St; Foxshire St; Thistle St; Woodring Dr; Misty Arbor Dr; Wesley Oaks Dr; Bow Ln; Walksew St; Gerhart Dr; Sherman Oaks Dr (Sherman Oak); Gospel Way; Main-Hiram Clarke Rd; Summit Ridge Ct; Sewalk St; Blue Cromis Ln; Chameleon Ct; Glenwyck St; Elise Dr; Merida Dr; Kennedy Oaks St; Croquet; Grovemill Dr; Jordan Oaks St; Commercial Rd; Jordan Falls Dr; Mc Cadden St; Brookston Cir; Treaty Oaks St; Bligh St; Gowland St; Firerock Dr; Burdine Ct; Fadeway Ln; Rosevale Ave; Boonway Dr; Clearviewrosevale Ln; Hlp Rd; Elmfield; Norway St; Gold Moss Dr; Gold Fire Dr; Sky Haven Ave; Staghorn Coral Ln; Gumas; Family Cir; Pinesage Dr; W Bellfort St; Park Manor Dr; Milan Dr; Cradle St; Bluestem St; Myrtle St; Innshire Ln; Tutson Pl; Dix St; Simsview Dr; Wrigley; Out Dr; Polo; Hiram Clarke Tc Three Dr; Jade Hollow; Hiram Clarke Tc One Dr; Sandbur Valley Way; Woodmount Cir; Imani Ln; Grantmoor Ln; Corsair Rd; Faith Pl; Anderson Oaks Ct; Grapevine; Nia Pl; Hiram Clarke Tc Two Dr; Bethune Way; Poinsettia St; Markwood Ct; Sewalk; Plaza Dale Dr; Southfield; Brookston Ct; Charing Way; Brookston; Hiram Clarke Tc Four Dr; Kilkenny Dr; Avonelle Ln; Bathurst; Riverstone; N Greenwick Loop Ct (N Greenwick Ct); Jethro; Sonoran Blue Way; Pyramid Pl; Glentide Cir. Highways in this neighborhood: Galveston Rd (State Hwy 3); E Nasa Road 1 (E Nasa Pkwy, State Hwy 1). Roads and streets: Cochrans Crossing Dr; Gosling Rd; Research Forest Dr; Lake Woodlands Dr; Woodlands Pkwy; Shadow Bend Pl; Flintridge; Golden Shadow Cir; Rush Haven Dr; Sylvan Forest Dr; Falconwing Dr; Golden Sage Dr; Hollymead Dr; Sandpebble Dr; Chancery Pl; Wisteria Walk Cir; Quiet Oak Cir; Alden Woods; Palmer Woods Dr; E Shadowpoint Cir; Flintridge Dr; Waterford Cir (Waterford Bend); Tree Crest Cir; N Cochrans Green Cir; Treescape Cir; E Amberglow Cir; Wind Ridge Cir; W Sterling Pond Cir; Terraglen Dr; Autumn Cres; W Lost Pond Cir; Silvercresent Cir; E Golden Arrow Cir; Palmer Crst; E Capstone Pl; E Rainbow Ridge Cir; Eagle Rock Cir; Driftoak Cir; W Shadowpoint Cir; S Cochrans Green Cir; N Rushwing Cir; Lakeridge Dr; Spotted Deer Dr; S Chandler Creek Cir; Golden Sunset Cir; Stone Springs Cir; S Peaceful Canyon Cir; N Floral Leaf Cir; Heritage Hill Cir; N Pathfinders Cir; E Coldbrook Cir; S Concord Forest Cir; Trinity Oaks Cir; W Trace Creek Dr; N Castlegreen Cir; Meadowridge Pl; N Chandler Creek Cir; W Amberglow Cir; Tanager Trl; W Trillium Cir; Rockridge Dr; Waterford Lake; N Summer Cloud Dr; Indigo Sky Dr; Fallenstone Dr; John Cooper Dr; Breezy Point Pl; N Concord Forest Cir; W Lake Mist Cir; W Coldbrook Cir; S Flagstone Path Cir; Lyric Arbor Cir; N Golden Arrow Cir; Prides Crossing Dr; E Sterling Pond Cir; N Rainbow Ridge Cir; Sky Terrace Pl; N Heritage Hill Cir; Candle Pine Pl; S Placid Hill Cir; N Copperknoll Cir; Shearwater Pl; Windhaven Dr; E Copper Sage Cir; S Meadowmist Cir; N Silvershine Cir; S Copperknoll Cir; Millennium Forest Dr; W Summer Storm Cir; S Frosted Pond Dr; Flagstone Path; Capstone Cir; E Pathfinders Cir; E Mistybreeze Cir; N Flagstone Path Cir; Cascade Springs Pl; W Horizon Ridge Pl; Cornerbrook Pl; N Thundercreek Pl (Thundercreek Pl); S Floral Leaf Cir; Copperleaf Dr; S Hidden View Cir; N Hunters Xing Cir; Mystic Lake Cir; N Sunny Slope Cir; Somerset Pond Pl; Quail Rock Pl; E Wedgemere Cir; N Indigo Cir; W Eden Elm Cir; W Copper Sage Cir; Gannet Hollow Pl; E Sunny Slope Cir; Edgemire Pl; S Summer Cloud Dr; Palmer Green Pl; E Summer Storm Cir; N Meadowmist Cir; N Morning Cloud Cir; S Castlegreen Cir; E Morning Cloud Cir; S Rushwing Cir; S Indigo Cir; E Trillium Dr; Whinter Wheat Pl; Carillion Pines; E Eden Elm Cir; W Wedgemere Cir; N Wilde Yaupon Cir; E Lake Mist Cir; Aberdeen Crossing Pl; Fire Flicker Pl; Quiet Peace Pl; Meadowspring Cir; S Pathfinders Cir; N Rush Haven Cir; Stonecroft Pl; Hornsilver Pl; S Golden Arrow Cir; S Bonneymead Cir; Golden Pl; Dovewood Pl; W Elm Cres; N Frosted Pond Dr; Otter Pond Pl; W Bonneymead Cir; E Placid Hill Cir; Grand Fairway; E Wilde Yaupon Cir; W Placid Hill Cir; Indian Summer Pl; S Trinity Oaks Cir; E Stony End Pl; Gate Hill Dr; S Regent Oak; Barnstable Pl; Mistflower Pl; Rolling Stone Pl; W Night Heron Pl; Candlenut Pl; Cricket Hollow Pl; Thorn Berry Pl; Mistyhaven Pl; Eagle Rock Pl; Sweetdream Pl; Outervale Pl; Thunder Cove Pl; S Village Knoll Cir; Green Bridge Dr; Gallant Oak Pl; S Indian Sage Cir; Bridgeberry Pl; Shiny Pebble Pl; Stardust Pl; Ivory Moon Pl; N Dragonwood Pl; Frosted Pond Pl; Purple Martin Pl; Night Heron Pl; E Indian Sage Cir; Still Corner Pl; S Rush Haven Cir; E Palmer Bend; E Rumple Creek Pl; Pinepath Pl; Alden Bridge Dr; Summer Storm Pl; Shallow Pond Pl; Plum Blossom Pl; Glenleigh Pl; Silverstrand Pl; Firethorn Pl; W Stony End Pl; E Elm Cres; N Duskwood Pl; W Twinberry Pl; Duskymeadow Pl; Lullwater Pl; Magnolia Shadows Pl; Shady Pond Pl; S Silvershine Cir; Snowbird Pl; Cloudleap Pl; Bough Leaf Pl; Feather Fall Pl; Woodelves Pl; Avonlea Dr; Tender Violet Pl; Lavender Haze Pl; Stargazer Pl; W Palmer Bend; N Peaceful Canyon Cir; Lush Meadow Pl; Cinnamon Teal Pl; Silent Brook Pl; Thunder Hollow Pl; Grand Garden Ct; N Hidden View Cir; Hillside View Pl; W Mistybreeze Cir; Morning Arbor Pl; S Piper Trce; W Rainbow Ridge Cir; Purple Slate Pl; Windfern Pl; N Regent Oak; Cedar Chase Pl; Petalcup Pl; Southern Hunters Xing Cir; Bending Branch Pl; E Bonneymead Cir; Capstone Pl; S Stony Bridge Cir; Wingspan Dr; White Bark Pl; Misted Lilac Pl; Storm Mist Pl; Silver Elm Pl; Hunters Xing Dr; Nightfall Pl; Cypress Bayou Ct; Village Knoll Pl; W Stony Bridge Ct; Agate Stream Pl; Townsend Pl; N Village Knoll Cir; Tealbriar Cir; Shining Lakes Pl; Deerfern Pl; E Cobble Hill Cir; Robin Springs Pl; Sparklewood Pl; Dovetail Pl; Lake Leaf Pl; Bentgrass Pl; S Copper Sage Cir; Summithill Pl; E Stony Bridge Ct; Cargate Ln; Dakota Ridge Pl; W Indian Sage Cir; Cape Jasmine Pl; Scented Path Ln; Tranquil Glade Pl; Batesbrook Ct; Trailhead Pl; E Village Knoll Cir; Bayou Springs Ct; Whistlers Walk Pl; Rushwing Pl; Kearny Brook Pl; Lazy Morning Pl; Pale Dawn Pl; Cottage Grove Pl; Scarlet Sage Pl; Woodmere Pl; Tamarind Pl; Thornbush Pl; Cats Cradle Dr; Irish Moss Pl; Green Slope Pl; Cherry Blossom Pl; Quick Stream Pl; Gilded Pond Pl; Amber Sky Pl; Grey Birch Pl; Day Lily Pl; Speckled Egg Pl; Tall Sky Pl; S Dragonwood Pl; Larks Aire Pl; Twisted Birch Place Ct; Elk Crossing Dr; Crowned Oak Ct; Thistlewood Pl; Bayginger Pl; Willow Run Pl; W Village Knoll Cir; Sheep Meadow Pl; Raintree Pl; Ginger Bay Pl; Firewillow Pl; W Rumple Creek Pl; Maple Loft Pl; Bridgeberry Ct; Gentle Wind Pl; Ivy Pond Pl; S Trace Creek Dr; Moonseed Pl; W Stony Bridge Cir; Windledge Pl; Nightwind Pl; Windstar Dr; Journeys End; E Stony Bridge Cir; Hidden Pond Pl; Glen Canyon Pl; S Avonlea Cir; Biscay Pl; Bank Birch Pl; Crestone Pl; Sandpiper Pl; E Horizon Ridge Pl; N Avonlea Cir; W Wilde Yaupon Cir; S Lakeridge Cir; Eden Elm Pl; Lantern Hollow Pl; Thrush Grove Pl; Twilight Pl; Mallard Glen Pl; Heather Wisp Pl; Linnet Chase Pl; Heathstone Pl; White Fawn Dr; Spiral Leaf Ct; Robin Run Dr; Hawkseye Pl; Twin Springs Pl; Twilight Plain Pl; Forge Hill Pl; Greentwig Pl; Shooting Star Pl; W Palmer Pt; Trinity Oaks Ct; Treestar Pl; Willowcrest Pl; Golden Thrush Pl; S Cobble Hill Cir; E Palmer Pt; Songsparrow Pl; Treevine Ct; S Duskwood Pl; Hickory Hollow Pl; Stormwood Pl; Flat Creek Pl; Pineholly Ct; Pecan Path Dr; Shinyrock Pl; Windfellow Pl; Piper Trce; Raintree Crossing Dr; Greenside Pl; Meadowmist Ct; Painted Canyon Pl; Raindream Pl; N Trace Creek Dr; Windmeadows Pl; Brandenberry Ct; Silver Canyon Pl; Smokerise Pl; Sun Shower Ct; Swiftstream Pl; Hampton Lodge; Windflower Pl; P; Palmer Bend Ct; Rosethorn Pl; Windridge Pl; Skyland Pl; E Trace Creek Dr; Cattail Pl; Sentinel Pl; Taper Glow Pl; Ridgecross Pl; Ambrosia Pl; Maize Meadow Pl; Garland Grove Pl; Craggy Rock (Craggy Rock Pl); Eagle Ter; Roundtop Pl; Cape Jasmine Ct; Lakeridge Ct; Idlewood Dr; Hidden View Pl; Reedy Pond St; Poplar Hill Pl; Seders Walk; Rusty Ridge Pl; Sunbeam Pl; Narrow Creek Pl; Steepbank Dr; Underwood Pl; Early Frost Pl; N Lakeridge Cir; Bear Springs Pl; Marbrook; Highbush Ct; Smoke Wood; Warbler Pl; Palmer Bend Dr; Ashlar Pt; Palmer Crest Ct; Larksberry Pl; E Twinberry Pl; Water Elm Pl; Lantana Trl; Minstral Wind Pl; Abbey Brook Pl; W Cobble Hill Cir; E Lyric Arbor Cir; Wedgemere Dr; Swan Song Pl; Fiddlers Cove Pl; Amber Fire Pl; Chandler Creek Ct; Echo Ridge Dr; Snowbell Pl; Longlake Pl; Stellar Pt; Summerwalk Pl; Whisper Wind Pl; Redhaven Pl; Silvershine Ct; Spring Mist Pl; Twin Feather Pl; Dove Trl; Rosewater Pl; Watermark Way; Archbriar Pl; Midsummer Pl; S Crossed Birch Pl; Rose Petal Pl; Cranberry Bend; N Crossed Birch Pl; E Night Heron Pl; Leaf Trace Ct; Whispy Fern Pl; Meadow Canyon; Thistle Wind Ct; Ivory Pond Pl; Hidden View Dr; Waterbrook Pl; Wandflower Pl; S Lakeridge Dr; Fawnmist Pl; Sterling Pond Ct; Highland Green Pl; Morning Cloud Pl; Sandprint Ct; Rocking Pine Pl; Heather Wisp Ct; Humting Path Pl; Silvercresent Ct; Bryberry Ct; Stony Run Pl; Blue Ginger; Lakeridge Cir; Mystic Valley Ct; Shallow Pond Ct; Sage Ct; Gingerwilde Pl; Treadwell Ct; Hunters Crossing Ct; Windsong Ct; Trillium Ct; Mossy Creek Pl; Winding Creek Pl; Quiet Oak Dr; Ash Branch Ct; Misty Cloud St; Chandler Creek Cir; Mellow Wood Pl; Stony End Ct; Summer Ct; Catfeet Ct; Lapwing Ct; Regent Oak Ct; Plumcove Ct; Meadowspring Ct; Cobble Hill Pl; Emery Cliff Pl; Silent Brook Ct; S Horizon Ridge Ct; Rockridge Ct; Windstar Ct; Moon Beam Ct; Coldbrook Ct; Reedy Pond Ct; Elm Willow Ct; Hidden Deer Corner Ct; Pine Song Pl; Leafsage Ct; S Wilde Yaupon Ct; Jadestone Ct; Peaceful Canyon Ct; Natures Harp Ct; Morning Arbor Ct; Lyric Arbor Ct. Cochran's Crossing` neighborhood detailed profile Most popular occupations of males: healthcare practitioners and technical occupations (24.8%); management occupations (except farmers) (15.6%); legal occupations (13.7%); service occupations (11.3%); business and financial operations occupations (7.7%); sales and office occupations (7.2%); architecture and engineering occupations (5.8%)Most popular occupations of females: healthcare practitioners and technical occupations (22.3%); management occupations (except farmers) (20.5%); sales and office occupations (14.2%); business and financial operations occupations (11.0%); education, training, and library occupations (8.6%); production occupations (6.3%); arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media occupations (6.1%)Roads and streets: Academy St; Fairmont St; Weslayan St; Community Dr; Dartmouth St; Albans Rd; Judson St; Emory St; Sunset Blvd; Lehigh St; Drake St; Law St; Childress St; Purdue St; S Judson St; Bissonnet St; Simmons St.

Roads and streets: Space Center Blvd; Clear Lake City Blvd; Bay Area Blvd; el Dorado Blvd; el Camino Real; Pineloch Dr; FM 2351 (Hastings Friendswood Rd); Diana Ln; Reseda Dr; Saturn Ln; Ramada Dr; Richvale Ln; 2nd St; Genoa Red Bluff Rd; Gemini Ave; Oak Links Ave; Buccaneer Ln; Buoy Rd; Seahorse Dr; Torry Pines Rd; Cobre Valley Dr; Redway Ln; Almond Creek Dr; Penn Hills Ln; Sun Harbor Dr; Wavecrest Ln; Beachcomber Ln; Mabry Mill Rd; Village Dale Ave; Brook Forest Dr; Craighurst Dr; Bay Oaks Blvd; Woodhorn Dr; Bonanza Rd; Eastcape Dr; Larkfield Dr; W Linkage Rd; Saint Cloud Dr; Pipers View Dr; Sea Lark Rd; Laurelfield Dr; Glenwest Dr; la Avenida Dr; Whitcomb Rd; Diamond Brook Dr; Neptune Ln; Acorn Wood Way; FM 2351 N (FM Hwy 2351); 5th St; Clearcrest Dr; Festival Dr; Seafoam Rd; Crescent Landing Dr; Scenic View Dr; Oak Chase Dr; Redwood Bend Trl; Brookvilla Dr; Silverpines Rd; Plum Hollow Dr; Cavendish Dr; Thunder Bay Dr; Brookford Dr; Oak Harbor Dr; Parksley Dr; E Linkage Rd; Sea Liner Dr; Havenhurst Dr; Mill Point Dr; el Toro Ln; College Green Dr; Fairwind Rd; Lofty Mountain Trl; Mesa Verde Dr; Seagate Ln; Hickory Knoll Dr; Spring Forest Dr; Village Evergreen Trl; Willow Heights Ct; Running Springs Dr; Leafy Glen Dr; Falcon Pass; Manor Square Dr; Orchard Country Ln; Brookgreen Dr; Scenic Elm St; Pebbleshire Dr; Mc Conn St; Dunmoor Dr; Blairmont Ln; Scenic Glade Dr; Indian Autumn Trce; Whitlock Dr; Seacliff Dr; Echo Hill Dr; Bay Brook Mall Dr (Baybrook Mall); W Pine Brook Way; Longvale Dr; Hercules Ave; el Dorado Oaks Dr; la Cabana Dr; Locke Haven Dr; Fair Knoll Way; Emerald Falls Dr; Royalfield Dr; Pleasant Valley Rd; Voyager Dr; Holly Trail Dr; Broadlawn Dr; Cedar Ridge Trl; Tresvant Dr; Windom Dr; Baybrook Dr; Fathom Ln; Seamaster Dr; Hillside Falls Trl; Silverman St; Park Center Way (Park Center Dr); Lochnell Dr; Coastal Oak Dr; Golden Field Dr; E Pine Brook Way; Pear Woods Ct; Willow Shores Dr; Escuela; Redbud Valley Trl; Capehill Dr; Seavale Rd; Noble Pine Dr; Ironbark Dr; New Cedars Dr; Evergreen Ridge Way; Golf View Trl; Flowerwood Dr; Lake Scene Trl; Manorhill Dr; Moon Rock Dr (Moonrock Dr); Greenwood Oaks Dr; Kingstone Dr; Ave A; Pensgate St; Bay Forest Dr; N Pine Brook Way; Pine Blossom Trl; Greenleaf Ln; Park Estates Ln; Kings Park Ln; D; Heathgate Dr; Sylvan Lake Dr; Lost Rock Dr; Shell Lake Dr; Seawolf Dr; Noble Oak Trl; Village Creek Dr; Chapel Park Way (Chapel Park Ct); Ledgestone Dr; Mossy Elm Ct; Heatherdale Dr; Little Willow Walk; Havenpark Dr; Pleasant Cove Ct; Trowbridge Dr; Seakale Ln; Sand Myrtle Dr; Almond Brook Ln; Avenue E; 3rd St; Walnut Green Dr; Gunwale Rd; Sycamore Lake Rd; Rill Ln; Country Ridge Dr; Poplar Springs Ln; York Brook Dr; Woodcombe Dr; Hollydale Dr; Brookpoint Dr; White Star Dr; Pence Rd; Cherry Mill Ct; Bowsprit Ln; Eldervista Dr; Halewood Dr; Circlewood Way; Winter Knoll Way; Chestnut Springs Ln; Pinecrest Trl; Enchanted Isle Dr; Cyberonics Blvd (Skywalker Dr); Radstock Dr; Village Birch St; Aspen Hills Dr; Country Green Ct; Parkwood Way; Heather Green Dr; Heron Field Ct; Roxton Ridge Dr; Lake Lodge Dr; Montour Dr; Bouldercrest Dr; Stonehaven Dr; Hillside Oak Ln; Woodrail Dr; Shadow Falls Ct; Autumn Canyon Trce; Elder Glen Dr; W Bay Area Blvd; Blossom Bay Dr; Robin Hill Ct; Garden Creek Way; Titan Dr; Castorglen Dr; Bratten Ln; Waybridge Dr; Ivy Grove Dr; Woodside Dr; Knotty Elmwood Trl; Pearhaven Dr; Midbrook Dr; Regents Park (Regents Pk Dr); Tadworth Dr; W el Dorado Blvd; Meadow Grove Trl; Bowline Rd; Baymeadow Dr; Park Circle Way; Hillside Hickory Ct; Jade Meadow Ct; Chestnut Oak Ln; Harvest Ridge Rd; Capstan Rd; Peermont St; Crestbrook Dr; Underwood Creek Way; Oak Cloister Way; Harness Ln; Linfield Way; Emerald Lake Ct; Huntress Ln; Canary Grass Ln; Driftwood Oak Ct (Drift Oak Ct); Manor Hill Dr; Graywood Grove Ln; Arborcrest St; Elm Crest Trl; Kelbrook Dr; Pebble Run; Plumbwood Way; Pine Green Trl; Heather Valley Way; Shadwell Dr; Tresch Ln; Park Center Way; Silver Bough Dr; Sullins Way; Timber Briar Cir; Barleton Way; Westlake Rd; Towering Oak Ct; Finewood Way; Shealy St; Danforth Dr; Barringer Ln; Aspen Knoll Ct; Cardinal Creek Ct; Bramble Way; Water Elm Way; Banff St; Walbrook Dr; Fairwind Dr; Prince Pine Trl; Zabolio Dr; Laurel Valley Dr; Central Park Cir; Runswick Dr; Pinenut Bay Ct; Purple Plum Ln; Ivy Bluff Ct; Town Hill Dr; Heathgate Ct (Heathgate Dr); Dogwood Brook Trl; Providence Pine Trl; Island Oak St; Long Bough Ct; Shannon Ridge Rd; Greens Cove Way; Chedworth Dr; Regal Pine Trl; Plum Glen Ct; Dale Oak Way; Timber Briar Ct; Wilderness Cliff Ct; Round Oak Ct; Conifer Bay Ct; Clear Oak Way; Quiet Spring Ln; Cinnamon Fern Ct; Grand Nugget Ln; Ash Arbor; Brooklet View Ct; Cascade Falls Dr; Elk Park Ln; Canyon Bluff Ct; Greenwood Pines Dr; Mulberry Ridge Way; Apple Knoll Ct; Prairie Brook Ct; Kentwood Dr; Gentle Brook Ct; Placid Brook Ct; Meadowside Dr; Field Springs Ln; Cedarshoals Rd; Kentford Dr; Royal Crst; Partridge Berry Ct; Orchard Falls Dr; Marbledale Ct; Inland Spring Ct; Sunrise Knoll Way; Evergreen Elm Way; Majestic Trl; Doverwood Way; Hazel Ridge Ct; Juniper Forest Ln; Maplewood Falls Ct; Wisteria Hollow Ln; Sterling Wood Way; Prairie Knoll Ct; Beechurst Dr; Mermaid Ln; Hillside Elm St; Viewfield Ct; Valley Acres Rd; Tumbling Falls Ct; Loch Glen Ct; Bay Green Ct; Sweet Cicely Ct; Island Meadow Ct; Boulderwoods Dr; Bay Pointe Ct; Noble Springs Rd; Fallen Leaf Way; Cranbourne Dr; Windy Ridge Ln; Evergreen Elm Ct; Brambling Dr; Ridgewell Dr; Blossom Bay Ct; Jasmine Ridge Ct; Rosebranch Ct; Rockhaven Dr; Palm Grass Ct; Ridgewood Lake Ct; Sparkling Bay Ln; Hidden Date Ct; Dawn Vale Dr; Cottonwood Way; Burwood Way; Sandy Plains Ln; Peachford Ln; Crown Ridge Ct; Island Palm Ct; Berkeley Lake Ln; Montwood Dr; Midfield Glen Ct; Shady Elms Dr; Harvest Brook Ct; Aspen River Ln; Olive Oak Ct; Bright Ember Ct; Village Brook Rd; Virginia Fern Way; Diamond Grove Ct; River Birch Way; Bay Cove Ct; Thor Ln; Heather Falls Way; Coral Sands Dr; Mill Garden Ct; Abbeywood Dr; Tallow Point Ct; Garden Gate Way; Stradbrook Dr; Seaside Ln; Park Green Way; Wendy Hill Way; Wooden Oak Ct; Juniper Canyon Ln; Orchard Peak Ct; Linkshire Dr; Prairie Hill Ct; Stonehill Dr; Millsbridge Dr; Dinerstein Dr; Gold Mesa Trl; Fern Springs Ct; Cherrytree Ridge Ln; Bentshire Way; Pepper Hill Way; Ferndale Dr; University Green Blvd; Rocky Oak Ct; Parkchestor Dr; Turtle Oak Ct; Park Grand Rd; Noble Oak Way; Coastal Oak Ct; Winter Harvest Ct; Tangle Pines Ct; Spring Maple Ln; Meadow Gardens Dr; Deer Grass Ct; Laurel Shadows Ct; Sycamore Grove Dr; Echocliff Way; Bradwell Dr; Forest Bay Ct; Timberland Ct; Boulder Falls Ct; Emerald Falls Ct; Cliffrose Ln; Oakmont Club Ct; Lofty Mountain Ct (Lofty Mountain Trl); Fall Grove Ct; Marymount Way; la Casa Ln; Caprock Dr; Bernard Way; Rolling Run Ct; Apollo Ln (Apollo St); Heather Cove Ct; Town Oaks Dr; Tiffany Ct; Galewood Way; Hennessee Ln; Middlebrook; Basswood Springs Ct; High Castle Ct; Thornwood Ln; Neumann Dr; Ardent Oak Cir; Parsley Hawthorne Ct; Cherry Oak Way; Delta Link; Village Elm St; Lonniewood Dr; Quiet Green Ct; Bentfield Way; Peach Brook Ct; N Dawn Cypress Ct; Amber Knoll Ct; Falmouth Dr; Kemberton Dr; Cherrytree Park Cir; Acorn Wood Way Cir; Knob Creek Ct; Bellgreen Ln; Glenmeade Dr; Redwood Bough Ln; Woodbourne Dr; N Water Iris Ct; Harvest Glen Ct; Crimson Oak Ct; Grand Heights Ct; Gamma Link; Diana Ct; Poplar Run Ct; Loch Creek Ct; Stilesboro Ct; Erin Creek Ct; Tallow Forest Ct; Firthridge Ct; Bay Winds Ct; Bay Isle Ct; Oak Blossom Ct; Amble Oak Ct; Southern Pass Ct; Loblolly Bay Ct; Rustic Harbor Ct; Hartwood Way; Merriweather St; Swanley Ct; Ashmoor Ct; Bentfield Ct; Montvale Dr; Coral Oak Ct; Springfield Rd; Carriage Brook Way; Ashmoor Way; River Maple Ln; Sandgate Falls Ct; Amber Bough Ct; Hunting Hill Dr; Lofty Peak Ln; Heath Hollow Way; Lost Rock Ct; Wickmere Dr; Elm Park Way; Lanswick Dr; Reseda Cir; Cherry Grove Ct; Turtle Bay Dr; Blue Jasmine Ct; Brook Park Way; Pear Brook Trl; Long Bay Ct; S Water Iris Ct; Amble Oak Trl; Deep Oak Ct; N Beechwood Ct; Elk Hill Ct; Fern Grove Ln; de Lay Dr; Pinewood Cove Dr; Golden Field Ct (Golden Field Dr); Delta Wood Ct; Palm Vis; Crown Glen Ct; Mc Conn Ct; Sunlight Way; Red Carriage Ct; S Dawn Cypress Ct; Larkfield Ct; Rippling Creek Way; Bronze Bay Ct; Fernwood Way; Park Center Ct; Newcomb Way; Prince Pine Ct; Brook Arbor Ct; Woodland Haven Rd; Redwood Cove Ct; University; S Beechwood Ct; Evergreen Bay Ct; Hollins Way; Windsor Oaks Ln; Spruce Hollow Ct; Ironbark Ct (Ironbark Dr); Prokop Ct; Orchard Farms Ln; Olive Springs Ct; Erin Knoll Ct; Spring Court Dr; Shealy Ct; Walnut Bridge Ct; Chestnut Oak Way; Orchard Glen Ct; Hazel Oak Ln; Amber Dale Ct; Garden Fern Ct; Sugarplum Ln; Beechurst Ct; Rigger Ln; Wedgerock Dr; Cypress Pond Ct; Crescent Forest Ct; Green Court Dr; Arbor Mill Ct; Tresch Ct; Pinemoor Way; Eldervista Cir; Oak Link Ct; Briarmoor Ct; Misty Grove Ct; Red Coral Ct; Dunhaven Ct; Misty Knoll Ct; Green Ivy Ct; Villa Rose Dr; Leafy Elm Ct; Pine Green Way; N Pine Brook Cove; Jade Green Way; Flowerwood Ct; Radwell Ct; S Pine Brook Cove; Colony Glen Ct; Royal Fern Ct; Briar Falls Ct; Cool Ridge Ct; Craighurst Ct; Radford Park Cir; Tall Elm Ct; Woodcote Ct; Montwood Ct; Hazel Glade Ct; Townboro Dr; Enchanted Isle Ct; Brookford Ct; Burwood Ct; Woodhorn Ct; Castordell Dr; Spring Forest Ct; Hidden Dell Ct; Boulder Point Ct; Pine Fork Ct; Tower River Ct; Pine Heather Ct; Briar Hollow Ct; Haven Park Ct; Tadworth Ct; Dalerose Ct; el Toro Ct; Redwood Run Ct; Cobre Valley Cir; Bramble Hill Ct; Cavendish Ct; Teal Glen Ct; Plum Falls Ct; Wisteria Run Ct; Trowbridge Ct; Redbridge Ct; Hillglen Ct; Youpon Wood Ct; Rangewood Ct; Meadow Manor Ct; Coral Glen Ct; Gold Mesa Ct; Ivy Dell Ct; Firetree Way; Red Bay Ct. College Court Place neighborhood detailed profile Most popular occupations of males: sales and office occupations (27.9%); transportation occupations (11.0%); management occupations (except farmers) (10.6%); business and financial operations occupations (5.8%); healthcare practitioners and technical occupations (5.7%); construction, extraction, and maintenance occupations (5.3%); production occupations (4.6%)Most popular occupations of females: sales and office occupations (33.4%); education, training, and library occupations (15.6%); service occupations (14.1%); healthcare practitioners and technical occupations (13.8%); arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media occupations (6.9%); management occupations (except farmers) (6.5%); business and financial operations occupations (5.9%)Limited-access highways (interstate or state) in this neighborhood: I- 45.

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