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Black men want black women to remain loyal to them, but find absolutely nothing necessary about remaining loyal to black women.

Black men are the first people that I see that diss dark-skinned black women as "cockroaches", and pit black women against each other, only so that they can leave and fuck a white woman that's only dating a black guy to get back at her daddy. I don't particularly care, but it makes me uncomfortable when men of color date white women, especially due to the likelihood of fetishization (see: BBD).

I could date one hundred different black women, and no two of them would like alike.

I'm not particularly attracted to black men, and I'm not having kids, so that's not a concern at all.

Then again, I guess it kind of depends on what you consider to be interracial. My wife is an American, of German and Italian descent.

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Men of color, black men specifically, demonstrate misogynoir (misogyny against black women) as a precursor to being involved with white women.Twenty years ago, a white woman could cry rape and get a black man lynched.But black women are supposedly the downfall of the black race.Nevertheless, people treated her boundaries far differently than any one else.She'd get weird personal questions all the time along the lines of ' What you?

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