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Lest it be surmised that Professor Werbner, being a Jew, cannot be an authority on who is Kalanga or not, we will do well to know that his research work among the Kalanga was assisted by leading and elderly Kalanga men and women such as Mbiganyi Tibone, Onalenna Selolwane, Sam Mpuchane, Gobe Matenge and Richard Mannathoko, all who are proud and self-identifying Kalanga. Kridge, visited twenty-six tribes in the Northern Transvaal in 1937 to obtain information on the Lobedu and surrounding peoples and came up with the following information: The genealogy of the Lobedu dynasty of Modjadji chiefs shows that their earliest chief, Dzugudini, flew southwards from Vokhalaka [or Bukalanga] c. She points out that “There can be no doubt that the underlying Lovhedu [Lobedu] divine kingship stems from Rhodesia.” She states that according to oral tradition the Lobedu once lived at a place called Maulwe which formed part of the Monomotapa kingdom ruled by a Mambo.On Ba Lobedu (also called Bakhalaka or Bakgalaka) who now inhabit the area around Polokwane in Limpopo Province, we have the evidence of Eileen Jensen Kridge, Professor Emeritus of Social Anthropology in the University of Natal. The daughter of the Mambo, it is said, bore a child by her brother.

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The Ancient Ruins of Rhodesia: Monomotapae Imperium.These people are chiefly found in the Shivhasa district; they have no chiefs of their own, but have distinct customs, which point to Semitic origin, e.g., they do not eat pork or the flesh of any animal killed by people of other tribes.They speak the Lukalanga language (Massie 1905, Online).But let us hear now the evidence of one of the most well known Lobedu and one of the most prominent leaders of South Africa, the ANC Chief Whip, Professor Mathole Motshekga, also founder of the Kara Heritage Institute.He declared before the Gauteng Legislature in September 2007 on Heritage Day that: I am a Molozwi-Mokhalaka also known as Molobedu.

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