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Its original mission of providing shipboard security finally ended in the 1990s.

The Marine Corps fulfills a critical military role as an amphibious warfare force.

Marines from Ceremonial Companies A & B, quartered in Marine Barracks, Washington, D.

C., guard presidential retreats, including Camp David, and the Marines of the Executive Flight Detachment of HMX-1 provide helicopter transport to the President and Vice President, with the radio call signs "Marine One" and "Marine Two", respectively.

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The Marine Corps was founded to serve as an infantry unit aboard naval vessels and was responsible for the security of the ship and its crew by conducting offensive and defensive combat during boarding actions and defending the ship's officers from mutiny; to the latter end, their quarters on ship were often strategically positioned between the officers' quarters and the rest of the vessel.

Continental Marines manned raiding parties, both at sea and ashore.

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The relationship between the Department of State and the U. After World War II, an alert, disciplined force was needed to protect American embassies, consulates, and legations throughout the world.

In 1947, a proposal was made that the Department of Defense furnish Marine Corps personnel for Foreign Service guard duty under the provisions of the Foreign Service Act of 1946.

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