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Manipulating surface effects from etching to iridescence, Carder created pieces that were classically inspired and also channeled contemporary trends, like the Art Nouveau aesthetic.This ability to merge cutting-edge design with classic craftsmanship resulted in art glass that was both breathtaking and of a collector's caliber. Read more A classic art glass producer hailing from Corning, New York, Steuben Glass Works enjoyed over a century as one of the most celebrated American glass creators. Our site contains a Shape Gallery - an important and major source of research information about Frederick Carder and Carder Steuben glass.Click the "Shape Gallery" link at left to explore the database of Carder Steuben glass and line drawings.Museum member benefits include free admission to the Museum, a subscription to the member magazine, and a 15% discount in the Museum's Glass Market, restaurants and Annual Seminar on Glass. SUBSCRIBE TO THE CLUB NEWSLETTER: The Carder Steuben Club publishes a newsletter, the Gazelle Gazette, which we distribute through email to members and non-members.Past copies of the Gazelle Gazette can be read by clicking the Gazelle Gazette link at left.Hawkes in 1903, Steuben reflected the merger of old European craftsmanship and American innovation.

His success was in his ability to develop new lines that responded to modernism, from the Gazelle bowl, created by modern sculptor Sidney Waugh, to their Balustrade line, which echoed the clean architectural form.As a member, you will receive a discounted registration fee to our annual Symposium on the glass of Frederick Carder, an automatic subscription to the Gazelle Gazette, our email newsletter, and an annual membership directory.In addition, annual membership in the Carder Steuben Club also includes an annual general membership to the Corning Museum of Glass (org).On September 15, 2011, Schottenstein announced it was shutting down Steuben's Corning factory and Manhattan store, ending the company's 108-year history.In early 2014, The Corning Museum of Glass announced that it would work with independent contractors to reproduce Steuben using a new, lead-free formula and their classic leaded crystal.

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