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Couples trying to obtain faculty positions in the same institution or general location face many dilemmas in what is generally referred to as ‘the two-body problem.’” How many faculty members at your college or university are married? What are the perks — obvious and hidden — and challenges of researching, teaching and advising at the same institution?

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Stevens, I was happy to find your website and guest book this afternoon. Claude Atkins (mentioned in the guest book by [email protected]), was a surgeon at the hospital in the mid-1960s, and our family lived in quarters on base (the Kantors were our wonderful neighbors).

If you ever decide to to a corrections addition I can give more details on my father's contributions to Amateur Radio in Kodiak. One thing separate from ham, but related, is my father was the original person that got AFRTS started.

He thought Kodiak needed some entertainment, so he built a small (unlicensed) broadcasting station in his radio shop in the back of the old Variety Store my grandmother owned and played records for a few hours a day.

As The Daily Pennsylvanian at the University of Pennsylvania confirms, “Finding a job in academia is no easy endeavor.

But when academics are married to other academics, finding the ideal job becomes significantly more difficult.

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