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“A knowledge of the underlying mechanisms at work in the formation of a functional immunological synapse allows the identification of potential target molecules for medicines”, says Michael Meyer-Hermann.The numbers are alarming: over the past 50 years, oxygen has decreased by two percent in the global ocean.Dustin to simulate the formation of synapses using computer models.

“For the very productive areas of the world's ocean off Peru and West Africa, the supply of nutrients and oxygen is of vital importance”, Oschlies continues.“So far, experimental data could only show that the antigen receptors of the T-cell are transported by the cell scaffold , to the synaptic center.This, however, could not be proved for the other molecules.” During a project (RGP0033/2015) coordinated by Meyer-Hermann and funded by the Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP), the BRICS researchers used data from laboratory experiments carried out by cooperation partners of the University of Oxford (Great Britain) in the laboratory of Michael L.protects the human body against pathogens thus keeping it healthy.To achieve this, however, immune cells must be able to recognise intruders and to classify them as dangerous or harmless.

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