Dating several guys

Changing profile pictures constantly is typically an indication that he/she simply likes a change of pace, and likes to mix life up a bit every once in a while. Well, I can't exactly judge anyone based on their clothing preference.

It's simply not that easy, but if I had to take a guess I'd guess that she's the outgoing type who may come across as flirty even if she doesn't intend to. Because a merge sort takes multiple items at the same time, sorts it in a small group, then sorts that small group among other groups. I doubt she dates a lot of guys at the same time, probably more like 2 or 3 at a time, in which case -- it's a perfect example of a merge sort.

Take the first 2 in an unsorted array, rank them, then compare them to the others until the whole array is sorted.

This applies for both qualities and guys at the same time.

He'll also make himself more available to you and likely move up in your dating rotation.

While it's good to play a little hard-to-get, it's difficult to spend time with a top pick with and move forward with a potential relationship when you still crave the company other guys. And if you're HIS #1, he'll continue to invest in you.4. Most of the time, 'filler' guys are the ones who allow you to play hard-to-get with your top pick.

It's okay to entertain yourself with fillers every now and then, but always have the forefront of your mind.

Keep in mind, though, if you spend enough time with a 'filler', you may end up developing an unintentional (dare I say it? This can potentially sabotage things with your top pick.5. Keeping a bunch of fillers around who aren't Mr. If you become vulnerable — whether it's sending a 2 AM drunk text or just craving male companionship, sex or otherwise — you may end up falling into bed with someone you don't see a future with.

Even if you're looking to keep it casual, "then by all means, also try out the variety and the spice of life." Steinberg does not suggest sleeping with more than one man at once because of added drama and STDs, but she advises all of her clients to go out on dates with multiple people—until they find someone that becomes particularly sparkly and special to them.While pregnancy and STDs are important to think about, you also have to consider that you've put this guy in the 'filler' category because he lacks something you desire in a mate.Bottom line: he's not the man you want to be with, so don't get physical with him unless you want to go through the eventual emotional detachment, or err, uncoupling.6. Even though men may not stop seeing other women until they're in a committed relationship, he might be a little shocked to find out you're dating other dudes. Here's where my lack of short-term memory comes into play. Asked someone what college they went to three times? Listen, the dating rotation game (and having a roster of suitors) is definitely fun and exciting at a certain time in your life, but when it comes to wanting a serious relationship or marriage, this male-dominated method of dating in quantity just isn't the same for women."I was forced not to put my life on hold for him." Perfect, right?But dating coach David Wygant says dating three to find the one isn't always the best mantra, and can even be emotionally "dangerous.""You can date as many people as you handle," he says.

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