Dating service lava light

Below one can see a whole range of unique lava lamp brochure material that displays the vibrance of the lava lamp.

This wonderful early Crestworth brochure for the French market displays a beautiful assortment of Crestworth creations.

Products such as the Astro, Astro Mini, Astro Nordic, Astro Lantern, Telstar captivated the 1960s and the appeal of the lava lamp only grew to even more fame in the 1970s.

Crestworth's Cosmos lamp design is prominently displayed featuring both the Astro liquids and Crestworth's slow moving glitter formula known as Glitterlite.

Other products such as Astro Mini and Astro Lantern are displayed.

It then slowly rises to the top of the lamp, where it cools slightly, and sinks back to the bottom. The floating globules in my daughter's lamp are obviously wax and look to have properties very much like normal paraffin or candle wax, rather than dense waxes, such as sealing wax. The lava-lamp wax sinks on cooling, so the surrounding liquid must have a density a little less than 0.9.

This process is repeated, creating the unique shapes in the water. Ordinary alcohol (ethanol) has a density of about 0.8, and a 40-50 per cent aqueous solution would have a density that could be adjusted to just below that of paraffin wax. On warming, the wax density falls substantially (more so than the ethanol) so it would then float.

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