Dating service for physicians

Trainees are expected to take on a graduated level of clinical responsibility in step with their demonstrated growing competency, although never completely independent of appropriate supervision.In accordance with the patient consent is required in all situations where a treatment or a change in treatment is proposed.The delivery of care relies on MRPs, supervisors, and trainees fulfilling each of their obligations as outlined in section one “Supervision and Training”.

Postgraduate Trainees (“trainees”)are physicians who hold a degree in medicine and are continuing in postgraduate medical education.Regardless of the class of certificate of registration held, postgraduate trainees cannot practice independently within the confines of the training program.Most Responsible Physician is the physician who has final accountability for the medical care of a patient when the trainee is providing care.Displaying appropriate behaviour and providing an ethical and compassionate model of patient care is particularly important for the most responsible physician and supervisor, as trainees often gain knowledge and develop attitudes about professionalism through role modeling.The most responsible physician and supervisor must be mindful of the power differential in their relationship with the trainee.

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